How To Promote Your Blog? Here's 10 Different Methods to Try

Last updated: 06-30-2020

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How To Promote Your Blog? Here's 10 Different Methods to Try

Hello everybody! From our series of comprehensive guide articles on how to start a blog, we have already learned how to create a blog from scratch. Also, I have told you how to pick the best web design. Today we are going to learn the ways how to promote your blog.

Blogging has become a very popular activity in recent years. That is why there are a huge number of different blogs. Thus, you need to know how to stand out among many competitors.

Like any other site, a blog needs to use every possible way: SEO, social networks, contextual advertising, link promotion, etc. Today we will consider the most effective methods of how to promote your blog and make it a source of income.

In this section, we will talk about common mistakes in promoting a young blog that hamper its development.

This method of promoting a blog from scratch worked well in the early 2010s. Then there wasn’t so much content on the network, and competition in the search results was lower.

Today, everything is different. And a young blog doesn’t yet have the factors necessary to increase blog traffic (the age and authority of the domain, backlinks).

But when the domain is more than a year old, there are backlinks and blog traffic above five thousand a month, then new articles are indexed faster and appear in the results. For such a blog, the strategy of writing more articles will be relevant. But again, your articles should be deep and high-quality.

Among the blogging tips on how to start a blog is a recommendation to devote time to website design. Design is certainly important, but don’t focus on developing the perfect logo or other elements. Design improvements take a lot of time and do not lead visitors to the site.

You wrote an article, spent the effort to attract a visitor to the blog, but there is one problem – most people leave the blog after the first visit. If you do not take their contacts and do not establish communication, consider that you have lost them.

How not to do it, we have already figured out. Now let’s talk about working methods for promoting a blog, which is worth taking note of.

When you start to promote your blog, you need to indicate how many visitors and by what date you plan to attract. For example, first, try to get 100 visitors a day, then 300, 500, 1000. Keep your goals in mind or write on a sheet and hang in a prominent place. Track your traffic at Google Analytics.

This will help to focus and not be distracted by the secondary tasks.

Other bloggers already have their loyal audience. If the theme of their blog overlaps with yours, then this is potentially your audience.

People are more interested in people than in companies or blogs. Therefore, the promotion of a personal brand will help in promoting the blog.

Creating a personal brand marketing strategy is a separate article on this blog. You can start by commenting on posts on social networks, articles on other blogs related to your topic. It is important to leave thoughtful comments and questions that will characterize you as an expert.

A good and correct comment is a step towards success in the promotion of your blog!

Most blog visitors leave after the first visit and do not return. In order not to lose them, post a newsletter subscription form on the blog, and offer to receive new articles in the mail. Use high-quality ready-to-use email newsletter templates to save your time.

Having the contacts of visitors, you can tell them about new articles in the email newsletter and attract them to the blog again, but with less effort.

For mailing, it is better to immediately use the email service, rather than your personal mail. Services provide better email delivery and help set up effective email marketing:

Have a look at a detailed guide on choosing a newsletter service. It will help you find a tool for your tasks.

The frequency of publications indicates how lively the blog is and how seriously you take to fill it. This is important for keeping readers and for finding partners.

Once on an interesting blog, the reader is waiting for new articles. If they appear regularly, you are more likely to retain an audience. If the articles are rarely published, with an indefinite interval, the person will come in several times, see that the blog is not updating, and will not return.

Other bloggers who are looking for partners for mutual promotion and potential advertisers also evaluate how regularly new articles appear. If the blog is live, updated, you can collaborate with it.

Content is the foundation for any blog. Without quality content, all the points listed below are irrelevant. Therefore, for a systematic and successful blog, a content plan is always necessary and preferably not one.

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It is not necessary to act clearly according to plan, but a stock of those for 1-2 months is a must-have.

If there is no good content, no promotion will help him. Therefore, you need to give the right message with the help of different types of articles, differ from competitors in the niche, and also have an action plan.

If you adhere to at least the above-described types of articles, you can achieve a good result. The main thing is to act, try and watch what your target audience likes the most.

Probably the most important and effective way to raise the ratings of your website on the network is SEO. The higher you are in the TOP of search engines, the more views you get. As a rule, a person looks at the first 2 – 3 links from above and finds the information that he needs.

Search engine promotion begins with internal blog optimization. What to look for:

For many users, social networks are a way of communicating with friends and peers. And for a blogger, this is a good platform for promotion. Since most modern youth sits in such networks, they can act as your target visitors, making reposts of your article.

As my experience shows, people in social media love when your profiles look great. It should have great pictures, nice fonts, etc. To save your money on web design courses or specialists, here can help you with a large variety of social media templates for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

To do this, it is enough that you have an account on this social network. For promotion, use hashtags and add links to your blog posts. You can also buy such services as Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

There are several methods:

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Promote yourself as an expert. Then people will look for you on social networks and read the page.

I recommend creating a separate profile on Facebook, so as not to interfere with the announcements of blog articles with personal posts.

The second way is to announce a post in specialized groups. But there are a lot of publications in the group, so you need to try to get your article to get attention. Try to organize a discussion or ask for a comment or just write a catchy title.

The purpose of joining an affiliate program is to receive financial compensation for the content you want to write on the blog. Affiliate programs are one of the best (and easiest) ways to start making money on a blog, no matter how many readers today. Also, it gives you a target audience and topic for your posts.

Placing small pictures or animations on websites for a fee, clicking on which you can get to your website, and get acquainted with the information presented on it is called banner advertising. Such banners can be varied in size, type, and format and be produced using many technologies. They can be used to achieve all sorts of advertising goals.

The main thing is to be able to correctly and profitably place a banner so that it is really practical.

There are many banner networks, so you can choose the one that offers the most favorable conditions.

Also, you can promote your blog using such methods as:

If all of my blogging tips sound complicated for you, you can turn to the help of professionals. There are many website marketing services with great reviews. They can help you with online promotion of your blog in short terms with subsequent online support.

I hope all this article has taught you how to efficiently increase your blog traffic to a desirable point. I suggest you use as much of my advice as possible. Remember, to promote a young blog you should make every effort. At this stage, you invest a lot of your time and creativity.

If you still have questions related to how to promote your blog, write in the comments. In the next articles on how to start a blog, I will tell you about other blogging tips to increase blog traffic, Resources with free images, and more about blog post SEO. Stay in touch!

For 12 more great ideas on how to promote your blog, check out this great infographic from Advertising Row!

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