How to Convert your Personal Blog into a Passive Income Source

Last updated: 06-30-2020

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How to Convert your Personal Blog into a Passive Income Source

Did you know that your personal blog can be a source of passive income? That you can monetize it while doing what you love to do?

Many people today are making money through their personal blogs. 

It isn’t rocket science. You can do it too. And in this article, we will show you how.

I am going to start with the most obvious way to make money from your blog i.e. running ads. I know ads get a lot of flak but undoubtedly are one of the most fruitful ways of making money via blogs.

The trick for running successfulads on your blogis to know your audience. The ads should be relevant to your audience.

For instance, if you are running a blog for pregnant mothers, you can run ads relating to baby-products. 

Similarly, if you run a blog for marketers, you can run ads on all things marketing.

But let’s not get swept away.

First things first, remember that while running ads,  you do not want to bombard your audience with a series of unending ads. While your goal is to make money, retaining your audience is just as important. 

If the initial response is good and the bounce rate does not inflate, you can try running more ads. If it does, be strategic about the ads you run and the way you run it.

There are many bloggers like you looking to grow their reach. They are open to partnering with others for this purpose.

You can use affiliate partners to promote your blog. It is easy and effective. You do not have to worry about having to find influencers and partners; there are ample services that provide this option.

Amazon Associates is one of them. It allows you to offer your referral link to your users. You can also display ads and offer a shopping cart.

This is what most influencers do. They offer their referral codes and allow their followers to buy products at discounted prices.

They get a commission for it and their followers get a product at discounted rates. It is a win for both.

Personal blogs are a great way of generating leads that can later be converted into buyers.

Even if you do not have a product to sell, you should work on generating leads.

The visitors on your blog can turn into your customers.

All you need to do is get them to give you their email ids and personal information.

One of the most common ways to do this is by asking people to subscribe to your blog if they find it useful.

You can also offer people something useful such as an e-book or a tutorial. It needs to be appealing and free of cost.

In return, you ask your readers to sign up with their email addresses. Without it. they cannot access the free resources.

Now you have a list of emails. All you have to do is follow-up on these people. Make a drip-email campaign promoting your product. If you do not have a product, run a campaign to notify them of new blogs or material you are providing.

Any which way, there is a set of people you are reaching out dedicatedly. These are your potential leads.

What better way to make some moolah from your blog than selling products?

It can work in two ways. You already have an audience but do not have a product to sell. In this case, you will have to come up with a product. It can be a guide, an e-book, a training course and a recipe, and so on.

If you are running a career-blog, selling resources related toresume templatesor interview guides will benefit your users and add to your bottom-line.

Or you have a product but you haven’t thought of selling it yet. In that case, you have to tell your audience about your blog.

Make them subscribe to your blog if you have not already. Promote your product by sending out the emails to your leads. Make more product-based content whether it is an article or a video and put it on your blog.

If the sales start pouring in, you can also make a dedicated shop page for your products.

Imagine you have a physical product but do not know how to scale your business. 

You do not want to convert your garage into an inventory. You do not have the manpower to manufacture or deliver the products. 

This is where drop shipping comes to the rescue. It is a business that allows you to ship your products directly from manufacturers to the customers. 

You act as a mediator. Your blog can act as an amplifier. You promote your products through your blog. When you have enough orders, you pass it on to the drop shipping company. They get it manufactured, shipped, and delivered to your customers. 

You pay them and keep the rest with you.

Isn’t this convenient? No hassle of inventory management or scaling up. The products only get manufactured when they are purchased.

And your blog is a bridge to make the drop shipping business model successful.

People are constantly looking to develop new skills. If you have skills that can be instrumental in someone’s professional or personal development, teach them.

You do not have to do it in person. Online courses are in high demand these days. All you have to do is design a course that will teach desirable skills to your audience. 

The course-creation platforms like ClickFunnels and Teachable can come through for you.

Once you have a course ready, send it out via an email and mention it in your blog. 

It doesn’t have to be technical. You can make a template or a course of something that you are good at. It can be a cooking tutorial, photography tutorial, fitness routine, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

You do not have to do it time and again. A couple of courses will help you earn without having to labor every day.

Probably you are an expert on the topic and that is why you started blogging.

You can be a mental health counselor, traveler, or a home-maker. Irrespective of your niche, you have a command on what you write. You know your stuff.

You may have templates, guides, or resources that may have proven to be useful when you were in a fix.

Share them with your audiences. Of course, ask them to pay for it.

For instance, if you are a wedding blogger and own products such as wedding cards and menus, sell them as printables. Or you are a traveler; sell your travel-checklist. 

Your dedicated audiences have a curiosity about your resources. They will be interested in buying it.

There is a huge scope of your resources making some dime for you.

Many companies and individual bloggers look for platforms to publish sponsored posts for them.

They pay you money to publish their content on your blog. The sponsored post can be in the form of a product review, an article, or an infographic.

These brands may get their in-house writers to author an article championing their product. 

All you have to do is check whether it is adequate and publish it on your blog.

Some platforms act as a mediator to find the companies or businesses in a pursuit of sponsoring their content. Sponsored Reviews and PayPerPost are a few examples.

Using these platforms, you can reach out to businesses or individuals belonging to your niche and inquire whether they are looking to promote their products via sponsored posts. 

To do this effectively make a media kit. It is documented information relating to your blog. You have to include statistics such as analytical metrics: the organic traffic and bounce rate.

Quote your pricing accordingly and be open to bargain and settle for less.  

With the sponsored posts also comes the legal responsibility. If you plan to make money by publishing sponsored posts, you should disclose it. In countries such as the US you have a legal obligation to disclose the paid posts as sponsored posts on your website.

A few additional tips you should follow while pursuing this method are:

If you follow rules and do not go overboard with the sponsored posts, these can be a cracking way of making passive income.

You have started your blog because you are passionate about a topic. You are also well aware of it and thus qualified to write and guide. It is high time that you start reaping monetary rewards from it.

Get started right away and make money while sitting in your pajamas. From affiliate marketing to selling products online, there are several options. Choose the one that suits you the most.

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