Top 10 Blogging Communities to Promote and Drive Traffic to your Site

Last updated: 01-18-2021

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Top 10 Blogging Communities to Promote and Drive Traffic to your Site

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Getting traffic to your website or blog isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult if your site is new; you have to depend on other referral traffic sources as you won’t get much traffic from Search engines.

However, you can get some referral traffic from social media, guest blogging and blog commenting. But if you want some good referral traffic, you should join blogging communities. Blogging Communities helps you to promote your blog without much effort.

It’s always good not to depend solely on Google in this Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird era; We never know when our sites get penalized by Google. With the help of Blogging communities, you can survive in blogging without Google.

Basically, blogging communities are like social networks for bloggers. Where we can meet and interact with other bloggers, engage and drive a good amount of traffic to our blogs. Since blogging community members are real bloggers, we can share our thoughts and ideas with them.

There are hundreds of blogging communities, but only few are good.

So these are the major benefits of joining blogging communities. Now here’s my list of top blogging communities

BlogEngage is one of the best premium blogging community with huge number of members and it’s growing day-by-day. BlogEngage was founded by Brian Belfit. BlogEngage is the best place to get engaged with bloggers and like-minded people. Here people can submit their new post and get good exposure and Traffic. The Post which get most up-votes will get featured on Homepage of BlogEngage.

Since it’s a Premium Blogging Community, its spam free. Moreover, you get high quality blacklink from blogengage. Also Blogengage often sponsor giveaways and contests; four years ago I even won $150 cash price from their Guest Blogging Contest.

Every blogger who wants to increase their traffic and blog engagement should join Blog Engage. Join Blog Engage Here.

Dosplash is a new blogging community which is growing quickly. DoSplash is founded by Jane Sheeba from Savvy Blogging Tips. It’s also a similar to BlogEngage.  This community also lets you interact with bloggers, comment, Up-vote posts and drive traffic to your blog.

You can join DoSplash here. is another great place for bloggers to get engagement and traffic to their blogs. Here also you can vote for submitted posts. If your submitted post gets good number of votes it’ll feature on homepage.

BizSugar is another best Blogging community with a large number of community members. You can drive a good amount of traffic if you stay active and engage with members.

Klinkk is a new, but rapidly growing blogging community founded by Erik Emanuelli. This community also lets you share your posts and get up-votes. Also you can comment and engage with members.

Kingged is another blogging community which has gained fairly good popularity. The community members are very engaging and helpful. Kingged will definitely help you drive good traffic to your blog. Also Kingged rewards their members with giveaways and contests.

Blokube is another blogging community founded by a young blogger named Devesh from It also lets you share your post links and engage with other people. Here also you can upvote links that you like. If your post gets maximum up-votes, your article will appear on Blokube’s homepage.

Not sure why, but since a couple of months Blokube is inactive. Hope it gets active again because it’s a great community.

Triberr is a blogging community with many influential members. you can meet many top bloggers and share your opinion and thoughts with them. It’s a great place to engage and drive traffic to your blog.

GrowthHackers is a relatively new community for bloggers and Marketers. Compared to other communities, GrowthHackers maintains some standards; your submission won’t go live without manual approval.

So the platform is spam-free and can drive tons of quality traffic and leads. Here you can see reputable writers submitting their posts.

IndiBlogger is another highly active blogging community with thousands of members. But only limited to Indian Bloggers. Here also you can engage with community members and get up-votes to your posts.

There are several ways to promote and drive traffic to your Blog, but joining blogging communities is one of the easy method to promote your blog. Blogging communities not only helps you to drive traffic to your blog, it’ll also help you to make new connections with other bloggers.

There are probably thousands of blogging communities, but these are my favorite and Popular blogging communities. So join these Blogging Communities to get more exposure to your blog.

What you think about these blogging communities? Are you already active on these Blogging communities, Leave your opinion in the comment section.

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