How to Effectively Repurpose Your Social Media Content

Last updated: 02-07-2021

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How to Effectively Repurpose Your Social Media Content

Repurposing your content is a smart way to use your resources effectively. Creating content day in and day out is impractical. 

Instead, take something that you have already created, repurpose it for another medium or platform, and breathe new life into it. When you make an article or video, the goal is to ensure that it reaches your target audience and as many people as possible read or view it—this may not always be possible, but repurposing your content can broaden your reach! 

Repurposing the content gives it new life and makes it viable across multiple platforms. One significant added benefit is that you have already done the hard work that goes into researching and editing—all you have to do now is make it fit for consumption on another platform. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about being resourceful. 

Here are a few smart ways to effectively repurpose your content: 

If you have been posting on a specific topic for long enough, you likely have enough content to create an e-book. Instead of navigating through many articles on different aspects of the same subject, your audience gets to download an e-book that is easy to access. With an e-book, your readers can also highlight sections and paragraphs that they would like to go back to for reference. 

Once you pick the right topic, restructure the existing content, put in a few well-placed additions, and connect one section with another. The result is a unique piece of work that serves to establish you as an authority on the subject at hand. After all, you’ve written a book on it. Not into the idea of an e-book? Consider an audiobook or leveraging that content for a series of audio training. 

Giving your audience content for visual consumption is always a good idea. People want to connect with people, and it’s a no-brainer that video marketing is so effective. 

When you post a blog, your readers have to invest the effort to read the piece. Along the way, there are multiple points at which they might lose interest or feel like they have understood the point of what you are trying to say and stop reading. 

Even platforms that do not specifically host video content have created space for videos as well. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate your video marketing strategy? 

Reels is a newly launched feature on Instagram that allows you to upload 15-second-long (up to 30 seconds) videos complete with AR filters and even music. While some features are not available in all regions, you can still make the most of reels. 

Instagram Reels are primed to become the platform’s preferred option since it allows brands to create a unique experience for their audience. 

A lot of brands have been successfully repurposing their TikTok videos as Reels. Both setups are relatively similar, so you should have little trouble repurposing your TikTok videos as Reels. 

Audiobooks’ increasing popularity indicates that people would rather listen (or watch) to what you have to say than read it. Most of us turn to audio to make use of in-between times like when you’re cooking, travelling, or taking a walk. 

Make your written content less wordy and more conversational, and record your own podcast. You can also get an industry leader on-board to offer that little something extra to your listeners. 

This doesn’t mean that you should stop blogging, blogs are an effective way to connect with your audience, but we here to help you amplify your content with new ideas. 

If you offer a product or service, use any photo testimonial as a social media post. If you have multiple testimonials, consider creating a short video for easier consumption. Not only will this help potential buyers in their journey, but it’ll make your customer feel valued. 

Repurposing content is not as simple as just picking any article and revamping it. 

To be effective, choose the right piece of content. A look at your metrics can help you see what content is performing well enough to update and leverage on another platform. 

Another good idea is to filter your content based on relevant topics to the current focus of your strategy. 

Repurposing your content is the perfect solution for filling in those pesky gaps in your content schedule. Sift through your existing evergreen content to find what is performing well and transform it for a new platform. 

What is your favorite tip for repurposing your content? 

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