11 Writing & Editing Tools to Create Skillful Social Media Posts

11 Writing & Editing Tools to Create Skillful Social Media Posts

If you want a comprehensive plagiarism checker, try EduBirdie. If you want speed and accuracy then this checker will deliver. It scans a plethora of source material and provides your results in less than 30 seconds. To check your document, the process is easy. Enter the text title first. Next, either upload your document (file types such as Word and PDF are accepted) or copy and paste the text into the field. After pressing the check button, your unique results will be returned quickly. The results page displays the following: From this page, you can see exactly what needs changing in your text. You can also see how heavily it is listed as plagiarized. The quick speeds, simple layout, and detailed results page make it a high-quality checker.

HubSpot offers a blog topic generator, making it easier than ever to come up with great new titles and topics for your website’s blog. If you don’t know what to write about, or what your readers might be interested in, you simply need to type in three keywords that relate to your business, or what you would like to write about. Using an algorithm, HubSpot comes up with a range of interesting topics that you can write about. You can use these topics to write engaging blog posts on your website, which you then post to your social media. You could also use the topics to write long form social media posts to engage your followers. I was just full of my ideas for the first month of my blog – and then writer’s block hit. This helped me get over that hump, and keep blogging consistently even when I lost my initial momentum. There is a good analogue for HubSpot specifically for academic staff and students –Essay Topic Generator.

Using Portent, users can generate ideas for written content. Upon opening the website, users are prompted to enter their subject/topic, and press enter. An algorithm in the website will then take that subject and give you a range of suggestions for topics you can write about. In order to get the best results from the site, users are advised not to capitalize words, other than proper nouns, and to use the singular version of every keyword used. Once you’re given some content ideas, you can use them to create blog posts and news articles on your website. These posts can then be submitted to your social media page, which will be shared with social media users and, in turn, improve your website’s traffic. Sometimes I’d think I had a great idea but wasn’t sure if it would be a hit with readers, or how I should really frame the content – this was a massive help with figuring that out.

Paper Fellows is an online writing resource that helps people write the very best content for their website and social media. Using this website, you can access a global community of eager writers. This community regularly shares ideas, discusses topics and provides feedback on written content. It’s completely normal to freak out during your first few months of blogging, and whenever I needed some reassurance or advice, this was the first place I headed, and before long I really valued this little community. If you are intending to write the very best social media and blog posts, then using Paper Fellows will help you improve your skills. Simply create an account and you will quickly be able to reach thousands of other users who can provide consulting services and help nurture your writing talent.

Easy Word Count provides an important service for people who need to ensure they stick to a specific word count. This is surprisingly important when it comes to blogging and SEO, as the amount of content you write can determine how well your site ranks on Google and other search engines. Using this website, you’ll be able to simply copy and paste the content you write into the blank space. Once you’ve copied the content, you’ll be given information relating to the amount of characters you’ve written (with and without spaces), as well as the amount of words. We can all be lazy – but once I knew just how important it was to have articles over 1000 words, I’d use this site to check I was hitting that target before I posted.

Looking for assistance creating quality written content for your blogs and social media? Essay Roo provides an online writing service, and hooks you up with plenty of professional writers who understand what it takes to create amazing content. Only the most professional and experienced writers are hired, and you can customize your piece however you like. You can choose the number of pages or words, the type of content you need, and the date which you will require it. Whenever I need a week off, but don’t want to let my site go without updates, this is where I turn – I know the standard will be high and they’ll follow my exact instructions.

The Hemingway App is designed to make your writing bold, clear and powerful. Using the app, you will be able to see some significant problems with your writing, and learn how you can create content that is more effective. By copying and pasting your text into the app, you will be shown the lengthy, more complex sentences that you could benefit from shortening. You will also be shown where you can replace a phrase with a shorter string of words. Sentences that are hard to read or understand are also highlighted, helping you ensure that your readers have the best experience possible. I’d sometimes look at my work and just not be able to put my finger on what was wrong – this straightened out all of those little errors I couldn’t see myself. When creating high quality content for your readers and social media followers, it’s important to make sure that everything makes sense, and that sentences are easy to read.

Boom Essays is another online tool that puts top quality content at your fingertips. If you’re looking to create exceptionally high quality content, which represents your brand and brings in tons of new readers, then this service is ideal for you. Instead of relying on algorithms or computer systems, Boom Essays puts you in touch with an experienced, professional writer who will produce content that suits your exact needs. You simply need to specify the wordcount you require, the kind of content you need, and who you are intending to reach. The professional writers at Boom Essays will take into account all of your specifications, and ensure that you get a piece of content that your social media follows and blog readers will love. This is a paid, human service that provides 100% original content. I’ve relied on them in the past when other work has taken priority over blogging, or I’ve needed work on a topic I’m less familiar with.

With Ginger Software, you can write better and faster. This software is not designed to provide you with written content, but instead to facilitate the writing of content. Using Ginger Software on your mobile phone, your tablet, your laptop, or your desktop computer, you are given access to expert writing tools. This word processing software gives you a place to write content, where you will be provided with real time feedback as you write. This is no Microsoft Word. Instead, Ginger Software offers a grammar checker and sentence rephrase system, giving you ideas about how to improve your writing – as you write! It also features a translation system with 50 languages built in, and a text reader that allows you to hear your own words after you’ve written them. This gives you a fresh look at your content and helps you ensure you are creating content your readers and followers will love. I always finding myself writing on trains or in airports, and having this app downloaded means I can produce my best work absolutely anywhere.

With Readable, you can access free and premium features that ensure your content is easily readable. This software offers you readability scores, including SMOG index, Gunning Fog and Flesch-Kincaid, giving you the best insight possible into the readability of all the content you write. Readable also provides text analytics and statistics, giving you word, character, and even syllable counts. For SEO purposes, you can measure keyword density, ensuring you don’t risk damaging your search engine rankings. All these features, and more, allow you to create the best written content for your social media channels. You’ll be creating engaging, informative and entertaining content in no time. I was surprised that I was actually over-using keywords accidentally, but this app helps me stay on track to optimize SEO.

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