5 Whitehat Backlink Sources to Tap Into for Massive SEO Gains

5 Whitehat Backlink Sources to Tap Into for Massive SEO Gains

Driving organic traffic to your website can be troublesome if this is your first time putting one together, but there are two important things to remember when it comes to your SEO strategy: authority and relevance. To help you out, here are five whitehat backlink sources to help you increase your SEO gains.

If you’ve signed up for link building services, then you’re probably wondering what backlinks are. This is a link on another website that links back to yours In can be in the form of text, image, or button. White hat backlinking are stable options that provide very real and tangible results instead of being flagged by search engines for spam. That’s why they’re a more reliable option.

When people turn to search engines, they’re often looking for answers to their questions. And if you can provide those answers through the content of your website, then you’re doing something right. Show off your knowledge on the topic that is related to your market so that more visitors don’t have to search around for the answers they’re looking for.

Guest blogging can be considered one of the most effective tactics to getting new audiences attracted to your content. If you guest post on a blog that people count on to provide them with reliable information, then they’re more inclined to click through to your website and consider your info reliable as well. It does require some finesse to guest post on another’s blog, so be polite, ensure that they allow guest blogging on their site, and don’t take their rejections personally.

This isn’t to say that you should brown nose; reference someone else who is knowledgeable in the field to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about. Most content creators are happy to hear that they’re being referenced by someone else, especially if it’s in a good light. This could be something as simple as creating a list of other bloggers in your field, for example.

Comments are one of the best ways for bloggers to know that their content is being read and appreciated. By leaving a comment on other people’s blogs, you can build brand awareness because people are going to take notice, especially if you comment on a regular basis. Just don’t leave a blanket comment linking back to your page, because then you might be considered a bot or spammer.

It doesn’t hurt to do a little research and discover if you’re being mentioned without a link back to your page. Correcting unlinked mentions by notifying the blog owner can really help you to drive up traffic that would have missed out on had you not discovered them.

White hat backlinks are some of the best ways to get more content to your website because it’s purely organic. It does take some time, work, and patience, so don’t expect results to happen overnight.

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