Are You on the Blogging Fence?

Are You on the Blogging Fence?

This is a post by our regular contributor Ryan Biddulph. Here he shares helpful suggestions about how we can avoid sitting on the blogging fence and commit to our blogging future.

Whether you are thinking of starting a blog or are a newbie blogger questioning your commitment the easiest way to figure out your blogging future is to commit to blogging now.

I have read scores of comments from new bloggers afraid to commit to blogging. Some folks have excuses ready-made to explain their fears. Other bloggers know of their self-sabotage but want to release these destructive energies.

The only way to know if blogging is for you: commit.

Following these practical tips lays the framework for a successful blogging career.

But add years to your blogging journey for a realistic viewpoint of what it takes to succeed online.

I recall watchingSyed Balkhispeak at Affiliate Summit East once. He noted how it took years to lay the foundation to become an 8 figure blogger.

One question remains: how can you do the freeing, fun and sometimes scary stuff required to become a successful blogger?

Allow love and fun to overcome fear and tension in your being.

This is the tipping point from not committing to beingall inwith your blog.

Why are you blogging? Or why are you thinking of blogging?

Tie the reason to something fun and freeing, a topic you feel passionate about.

Blogging your passion and having fun blogging on your chosen topic literally pulls you through the deep fears that seem to prevent you from committing.

You choose to commit or not to commit to blogging. Most bloggers don’t commit because they feel fears arising and turn around versus embracing the fear, feeling it and proceeding.

But the select few successes have so much fun that their loving, passionate blogging energy pulls them through their fears.

I am writing these words from a taxi car in Bangkok, Thailand.

My wife and I flew 19 hours from JFK in NYC to Bangkok a few days ago.

7 years ago I took my first flight ever. The flight from JFK to Bali spanned 23 hours in the skies.

A few minutes into my first flight I felt light turbulence. This scared the hell out of me at first. But my love of seeing the world and that fun feeling of knowing I would visit Bali in a few days pulled me through the temporary fear of turbulence.

Having flown over 100 times since my maiden voyage I am pretty adjusted to experiencing turbulence but if I feel those dreaded dips that put your stomach in your throat, I allow the immense fun I experience while traveling to pull me through those brief moments of discomfort.

Follow her for a shining example of someone whose love of blogging and connecting with people pulls her through the obstacles all bloggers face from time to time.

I had always dreamed of visiting the tropical island of Phuket in Thailand some 8 years ago.

But my fears held me back.

Note; the name is pronounced“Pooh-ket”.

I found a guy on Twitter who lived in Phuket. He said I should visit.

He tweeted back“You either do, or you don’t.”

He was right.

8 years later I have traveled to Phuket many times, spending months in this tropical paradise.

You either commit to your blog or you do not commit.

If you commit fully you will succeed over the long haul.

Your blogging journey begins when you decide to be a blogger.

You decide to be a blogger bybeing as a pro blogger is being, well before you see any appreciable results.

Follow the practical tips for committing I mentioned up top.

Get off the blogging fence.

Maybe you will change your mind down the road.

Perhaps blogging won’t be for you.

But at least you won’t make the sad mistake of being on the blogging fence for months or years.

Are you on the blogging fence?

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