7 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Online Store

Last updated: 08-22-2020

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7 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Online Store

Are you looking to increase traffic to your online store? It can be a challenge when other digital retailers are trying to do the same thing.

While most posts talk about the same old tips you can do, we wanted to look at some different ways that work well at getting your online store more traffic. Use them to build brand awareness, keep people on your site for longer, and nurture customer loyalty. The more tactics you try, the better the chances you’ll have of doing it.

Let’s take a look at seven proven ways to increase traffic to your online store and create a loyal customer base that’ll keep coming back.

This might be a standard tip, but it’s vital for eCommerce sites. Many online store owners get lazy when it comes to SEO for their products and category pages because there are just so many of them. If you want to improve your search results and appear higher for your chosen keywords, you’ll need to put in the work to optimize them.

Look at your website analytics to see where your product pages are ranking right now. Take any that show up on Page 2+ and revise them to improve their ranking. Pay special attention to your category pages, as they can be a significant source of traffic for your site overall.

With the evolution of smart speakers and how many people have them at home, voice commerce sales are projected to increase over 2,000% by 2022 and reach $40 billion in sales. If your site is not optimized for voice searches, you may be missing out on those sales.

To ensure your digital store is picked up by voice searches, you’ll need to do some serious SEO work. Voice searches typically come from the top three search results or the featured snippet.

You can increase your chances of ranking higher by including more question and answer type content on your eCommerce website since most voice searches are questions. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or section can help even more.

Consumers are looking for more than just an online store to buy from these days, so you’ll need to add more content to your site, such as:

Publishing valuable and enjoyable content regularly drives tons of traffic to your online store. Take some time every week or month to create some and encourage more people to visit your site even if they’re not ready to buy something today.

Personalizing product recommendations can not only increase sales and revenues but get you more traffic to your site. You can personalize your customer’s browsing experience by showing product recommendations based on their purchase history or browsing habits.

Add recommendations under an “other shoppers liked” heading to suggest related products they may not have thought about before. Use your email newsletter to suggest products to subscribers based on what you know about them and email segments. Add specific product information to related hashtags on social media posts to attract people interested in those items.

There are many ways you can run exclusive promotions on your eCommerce website to reward customer loyalty. For instance, you could invite registered customers to a sale before anyone else has access, offer a multi-purchase deal such as a 2-for-1 deal, or send newsletter subscribers a discount coupon that’s only available to them.

By restricting access to the promotion or sale to a particular segment of your audience, you ensure customers can secure the best deals ahead of the crowd. Plus, you’ll generate FOMO (fear of missing out) in everyone else when they find out they could’ve had early access if only they’d registered early.

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful online marketing tool because it leverages social proof to improve the customer experience, brings you new leads, and increases your trust factor with people. Use USG in social media posts, blog posts, product reviews, encourage posts about your products with unique hashtags, unboxing videos, customer reviews, and more.

People love their videos. You can take advantage of that for your eCommerce store. Publish video content to target and attract a different audience to your online store. You can embed the videos on your site or share them online through YouTube, Vimeo, and social media. People will enjoy watching video reviews of your top products, unboxing videos, or demonstrations of new products.

With so many websites adding online stores today, it’s a challenge to get seen. Use these seven proven tips to bring more visitors to your eCommerce website. You’ll improve traffic, increase clickthroughs, and ultimately grow your online store with loyal customers who’ll keep coming back.

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