4 Tasks You Must Do Every Day to Grow Your Business - Calendar

4 Tasks You Must Do Every Day to Grow Your Business - Calendar

The ability to grow your business is what will make it break it. Often times, this looks like being consistent with certain tasks. These tasks are usually those that keep eyeballs on you while also getting you paid.

The problem is many beginning business owners don’t know what that means. Many also fall into false narrative and “build it and they will come.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one is coming to give you money just because you built it. The reality is you need to be more proactive.

Here are four tasks you must do every day in order to grow your business, make money and continue being successful.

I speak to at least a couple of business owners a week who don’t realize they need to sell. This is especially true in the very beginning when no one knows who you are yet. If you want to grow your business, you must prospect daily.

Can you eventually get to a place where business comes to you naturally? Yes. I personally haven’t had to actively prospect for new content marketing clients in about 18 months. However, I already have a name for myself.

When I was first starting my business, I was prospecting and cold pitching every day. Many of the most successful business owners I know also did the same.

As a writer, I need to keep pitching current clients in order to grow my business. To the surprise of many of my followers who are writers, they didn’t know they need to keep presenting new ideas to current clients.

I like to think of it as keepingyour current clients by presenting new ideas. After all, why would they pay you if you fall off the face of the earth?

Another task you need to do every day in order to grow your business is online marketing. I say online because it’s global and scalable. Also, everyone is online.

Why do you need to market yourself to grow your business? Because if no one knows you exist then you’re not going to get paid.

In the online world, this looks like consistently putting content on social media, on your own website and sending marketing emails. In fact, I find that the more I email my list, the more money I make.

The key is to realize that your marketing doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to get done. Period. I see far too many business owners obsessing over their copy to procrastinate from hitting publish. Meanwhile, those who just get it done are making all the money.

In addition to pitching new clients, you also need to pitch the media. By getting more eyeballs on you, you grow your leads. You also increase your expert status. Both lead to more money.

You can start off with a free HARO account where you’ll get emailed a list of media requests each day. From there, you send email responses to the requests on a daily basis.

All these tasks you need to do every day to grow your business can be summed up into two words: sales and marketing. If you’re able to do these two things consistently, you’ll have no problem making money.

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