On-Demand Sales Training Webinars | Paul Castain

On-Demand Sales Training Webinars | Paul Castain

There are two approaches to handling objections. The first way is to create a more objection-resistant phone pitch. The other way is to have a strong arsenal of rebuttals. Lucky of you we cover BOTH during this download. Read more »

50 Ways to ROCK Your Cold Calls, Emails, and Sales Messaging Can you really afford to be disregarded and deleted right now? We're going to give your cold calls, emails, and sales messaging a much needed makeover! Read more »

How to Use Creativity to Open More Doors and Close More Deals I’m sure that by now you’ve gotten the memo that to a busy decision maker, ALL sales reps look the same. Want to stand out? Here you go! Read more »

How to Generate MORE Leads via LinkedIn There are two radical extremes when it comes to LinkedIn and quite frankly, they both SUCK! Either you 1) do absolutely nothing – and hope somehow, the world will beat a path to your door, or 2) you launch immediately into a sales pitch and piss off your new connection. Read more »

How to Sell During Uncertain Times It’s definitely NOT a time for “commission breath”, but on the other hand, you certainly don’t want to give away the store! What’s an aspiring sales rock star to do? Download this resource for some answers! Read more »

Could your prospecting use a little love? During this special download, we look at the “prospecting trifecta” (phone, email, LinkedIn) And there’s even lots of templates to help you along! Read more »

How to Explode Your Sales by Generating MORE Referrals What if you could generate MORE opportunities that have a higher probability of closing, and you could do it WITHOUT having to depend on cold calling. Read more »

Want to take a deep dive into how to get in front of MORE opportunities as well as how to get more opportunities across the finish line? You’ll want to check out this special resource before your competitors do! Read more »

How to Ask AWESOME Sales Questions Think back to those deals you’ve worked on where you were peppered with objections. Now think back to those deals you’ve worked on where you couldn’t get your prospect to “pull the trigger”. Think back to the deals that you lost. Then realize that a BETTER needs analysis (aka “asking BETTER questions) could have helped! Read more »

Staying in Touch with Prospects WITHOUT Being Annoying, Desperate, or Salesy There's a really dangerous part of the sales cycle where many a deal takes a bullet and it’s the time, in between meetings! Here’s a resource that will help you stay in touch without any of that God awful “Calling to check in” BS! Read more »

How do you safeguard your deals and get MORE of them across the finish line? If you happen to sell in a competitive arena, then this training will change the way you approach your opportunities! Read more »

How to Use Storytelling to Stand Apart from Your Competitors Storytelling can help you to become more memorable with your prospects and clients. But not just any story! Join us as we explore 7, very specific stories, that create rapport, credibility, and drive sales. Read more »

Losing A Deal Because You DIDN’T Know How to Play The Game SUCKS! And so does leaving money on the table! This resource will help you up your negotiation game! Read more »

The “close” actually takes place way BEFORE that magical moment when we ask for the sale. During this download we discuss how you can take BETTER control of your deals WITHOUT being controlling, manipulative, or if we’re being totally honest, dicky! Read more »

There’s nothing worse than ending the day and feeling like you accomplished NOTHING! Actually, I lied, there is something worse; having multiple days like that! This download will help you turn that sh*t around! Read more »

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