How to Recover Lost SEO Keywords & Organic Traffic

Last updated: 01-03-2021

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How to Recover Lost SEO Keywords & Organic Traffic

Great question! I’m going to answer this in two parts.

The first is how to identify the keywords or pages that fell in Google search, and the second is diagnosing the problem.

In this scenario, you have someone trying to figure out which keywords are driving traffic and what the result is.

It could be page views, conversions, new traffic from new keywords, or any other KPI.

You also have pages that lost traffic.

The page could still be ranking but one keyword variation dropped and it was a big one.

Other times you ended up losing a featured snippet but are still on the first page (and vice versa).

Or a map or local pack is now appearing above the first result.

Either way, I’ll help you find which keywords point to the page, which ones slipped and the impact on revenue/conversions.

Here is the fun part.

Bonus tip: If you add in the average position by selecting the box for this page and in the comparison screen, you’ll see which keywords fell on this page specifically and you can begin diagnosing them as they are the cause of the gain or loss.

That leads to the second part of this post.

If your pages fell, or you lost keywords it can be any number of things.

There is no single solution to every problem and without knowing your website and the issue I cannot answer this for you.

I can however help you with some starting points.

Ask yourself these questions when diagnosing an SEO traffic loss or gain:

This is how I start to troubleshoot if I don’t have more information.

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