9 Twitter Marketing Ideas that Drive Traffic to Your Website

Last updated: 12-28-2020

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9 Twitter Marketing Ideas that Drive Traffic to Your Website

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool on so many different levels. It can be great for professional networking, for building up your brand, and for sending significant amounts of traffic to your website or blog.

However, many business owners are stuck when it comes to figuring out how to entice clicks without being spammy or self-promotional. This post will offer 9 Twitter marketing ideas that will drive more traffic to your website, while also offering true value to your followers.

One of the primary ways you’ll generate traffic from your tweets is by sharing links to your blog posts. I see many people simply tweeting out the title of their latest blog post along with a link…and while this can work (I use this strategy myself sometimes), tweeting out a compelling quote or excerpt from your post can often be more effective.

Tweets are very much like any other type of headline. The goal of a headline is to grab attention and entice readers to keep reading. On Twitter, your tweet IS your headline. If you want users to click through to your site, you need to give them a good reason. For a complete guide to writing effective headlines, see my post The Ultimate Guide To Writing Social Media Headlines That Get More Clicks.

According to research by Dan Zarrella, tweets that use action words (adverbs and verbs) get more clicks than those that use nouns or adjectives. When writing your tweets, focus on having a strong call to action; most strong CTAs will naturally include action words.

Rather than simply sharing the name of your blog post, try being a little bit mysterious. For instance, to promote this current blog post, I could tweet out:

9 Twitter marketing ideas that drive more traffic to your site:  bit.ly/124hs

Find out which type of tweet increases clicks by 13% or more!

Which one sounds more relevant and enticing?

If you implement one tip from this post today, it should be this one. You’ve probably already figured out that promoting a paid product on Twitter doesn’t result in the number of clicks and sales you might have hoped for. Instead, create and promote a 100% free infoproduct to generate far more traffic to your site. Also, be sure to promote a relevant paid product within your free one to help increase sales!

Don’t be afraid to share your links more than once. While you want to be careful about not overloading your followers with repetitive content, there’s nothing wrong with periodically reposting links. You can also try changing up your headline, quote or image to see which format is the most effective at getting clicks!

When a new or potential follower is checking you out, the first place they’ll look is your profile. Make sure your bio, images and username convey a sense of professionalism and that they accurately reflect what you do. And the most important tip for getting referral traffic? Make sure you include your website or blog URL in your profile!

If you’re promoting an eBook, white paper or other infoproduct, try explicitly asking your followers for the download. According to Twitter, asking for a download can increase clicks by an average of 13%.

This is a common sense tip, but it can be easy to lose sight of when you’re busy running your business: the more often you post links to your site, the more traffic you’ll get. Make sure you post a variety of content and engage regularly by asking and answering questions. Share links to your newest content, and re-share links to your older, evergreen content. Be sure to share other people’s content as well! This is a great way to build relationships that can be beneficial for you as well as for others.

What would you add to this list? What other Twitter marketing ideas do you use to drive more traffic to your website? Share below!

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