How to Personalize Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

How to Personalize Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Many small business owners spend time researching effective marketing tips to help grow their companies and aid with customer conversion. Though these tips are usually beneficial to some extent, they don’t always produce the desired results.

Personalizing your marketing strategies can widen and engage your audience more successfully. Personalization in marketing is the key to success in many circumstances, as delivering personalized marketing content to your audience addresses their needs while setting your brand apart.

Here are four ways to personalize your marketing efforts without a huge investment.

As a business owner, you should establish objectives for what you want to achieve with your marketing strategy. Most typically, that means new customers and a more engaged audience. Next, you’ll need to plan how you will meet those goals.

Ideally, you’ll want to start by conducting some market research to understand where your audience is coming from. This will help you develop a marketing strategy that will be successful now and in the future. For instance, you don’t want to develop an elaborate social media marketing plan for Pinterest if most of your customers are finding out about you on Facebook.

Aim to develop marketing strategies multiple channels, but focus more effort into the one best suited to your audience. There are various marketing strategies to choose from that can help you reach your goals. Planning and research have a huge impact on success, so definitely make the time to do this.

Once you have set some goals and created a vision for what you want the outcomes of your marketing strategy to be, you can then choose marketing channels to use. This post focuses on social media marketing and email marketing as both are widely used and target different audiences.

Using email marketing as a sole marketing tool can be effective in some circumstances. However, you’ll need to develop fabulous marketing ideas to drive sales and meet expectations. And email marketing typically works better when supported by social media efforts.

One way to personalize email marketing messages is by using a custom theme to frame the content of the email. For example, if you develop a Mother’s Day email, you can personalize the content to suit those who will be purchasing products for that day. Custom themes are a great way to engage customers and to make it clear you are staying up to date with key dates and content.

Whether marketing your business and products via email or across various social media platforms, always invest in good copy. With email blasts, aim to have short and snappy informative text that gets straight to the point.

In addition, your subject line should be engaging in order to grab the reader’s attention. With other forms of social media such as Instagram and Facebook, optimize your content so customers can find you when they search for your products or brand. Of course, your content should be relatable and easy to read.

No matter what platform you use to market your business, ensuring your content is always engaging and up to date is what matters most. For example, in terms of a Mother’s Day email blast, you should include content about the products and services you offer that will suit the target audience. Include the benefits of the products and services specifically for that target audience.

As well as relevant and high-quality content, also choose engaging graphics. The pictures you choose to post on social media or include in an email blast can greatly impact the chances of your audience engaging with the post or email.

For instance, if you post the same or very similar pictures repeatedly on Instagram and Facebook, your audience will get bored with your content quite quickly. Choose exciting, colorful, and unique (not over-used stock photo) graphics to engage your audience and compel them to click. You can even personalize your graphics to include more of what people like – there’s no harm in asking for some feedback!

Overall, when looking to personalize your marketing strategy, there are many aspects to consider. Ultimately, your main consideration should be focusing on what your customers want to see. This is why market research and feedback are so important for you as a small business. Follow these tips to help guide you in the right direction.

Grace Murphy is a business writer with experience supporting a wide range of clients throughout the corporate landscape. Her writing is informative and succinct, with actionable advice and inspired insight.

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