4 Digital Marketing Trends That You Have to Look Out for in 2018

4 Digital Marketing Trends That You Have to Look Out for in 2018

As digital marketers, we are already familiar with the ever-changing game of the industry. As each day passes, the digital marketing world continues to expand as more and more businesses turn digital. Consequently, we are always on the move for trends and new digital marketing strategies that we can utilize to connect with our audience.

This 2018, be sure to look out for these 4 Digital Marketing trends that will dominate the digital marketplace.

Targeted ads are perhaps one of the most effective marketing strategies out there.It’s a cost-efficient advertising strategy popular with start-up businesses.

Most social media platforms now have a built-in feature where you can boost ads to a specific audience. On Facebook, you can boost your ads for as low as $2 or PHP 100. With that budget, you can reach up to more than a thousand Facebook users.

As the number of online store increases, marketing strategies such as Targeted Ads are more accessible to all kinds of entrepreneurs.

Videos are now the next big thing in the digital world. It became a hit in 2015 when live video became a new media strategy for real-time interaction with consumers. After only a couple of years, video marketing became the hit star of the advertising media industry.It became such a hit that even a one-minute video uploaded online is more than enough to gain millions of engagements from users worldwide.

Youtube, the number one source of video content, increased its viewership because of influencer marketing–the lovechild of video and social media marketing. With the success of youtube ‘vlogs’, video content are now the go-to for entrepreneurs who use product placements as a marketing strategy.

It will continue to be the front-runner in the digital marketing world this year, until the year 2021 wherein it will be the contributor of 82% of online traffic according to Cisco’s digital forecast.

It all started when Snapchat soared high in 2015. Snapchat’s premise of posting short-lived content became the genesis of a new marketing strategy,expiring content. Since its fame, other major social media platforms began integrating ‘stories’ into their sites. Facebook has now, ‘My Day’, Instagram’s ‘Stories’ is also booming, and recently, Youtube also released ‘Reels’ as their own take of the stories format. It proved to be effective for crafting brand story, and for social media influencers who post snippets of their unfiltered lives as a sort of advertising strategy.

In the following years, this form of content is expected to dominate the social media marketing world.

Smartphones are the handy computers of this generation.By 2018, it is estimated that more than half of the online traffic will be coming from Internet use in mobile devices. Even Google has shifted their focus to a mobile-first algorithm since majority of the market demographics are now smartphone users. The scope of smartphone use has now become so immense that the e-commerce industry is now reaching to a more mobile-optimized site for their customers.

In the near future, it is predicted that smartphones will dominate the digital world.

Now that we’ve laid down the four top contenders of the digital marketing game this 2018, it is now up to you how you will utilize these to your advantage. Still, we have 11 more months to go before the year ends so the tide can change any time. So, be ready. The game is afoot! Best of luck.  

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