Hashtag Mistakes That Are Hurting Your TikTok Growth - DigitalMarketer

Hashtag Mistakes That Are Hurting Your TikTok Growth - DigitalMarketer

Finding out some hashtag mistakes that are hurting your TikTok growth is essential. Nothing sucks like using the wrong hashtags on the content you spent hours shooting and editing. 

We all love how Tiktok doles out helpful features for entrepreneurs and its users to market their brands and gain massive visibility. And as I mentioned in this video, hashtags are one of those fantastic features that help business owners as yourself get discovered. 

Thanks to hashtags, your videos could go viral and garner many views and, potentially, followers. On the other hand, it’s easy to misuse hashtags and hurt your growth on TikTok. In this post, I will share some TikTok hashtag mistakes that may hurt your growth on the platform. 

Hashtags are unique growth features on TikTok, but not all trending hashtags are essential to your brand or business. You are looking for a significant reach, but targeting irrelevant hashtags will drive you to external audiences and negatively impact your growth. 

Irrelevant hashtags will bring audiences not interested in your offer, leading to a high bounce rate and hurting your needed growth. One commonly used irrelevant hashtag I always tell my students to avoid is the #FYP. This hashtag has no use at all in marketing your videos. 

A simple hack is to run deep checks on your competitor’s community and see what hashtags work for them and other strategies helping their growth. In social media marketing, it is alright to snitch in and glean actionable hacks, as far as they are helpful. 

Popular hashtags are always the most used hashtags on TikTok. Marketers often tend to limit their content to only trendy hashtags, undermining the impact of community-centered hashtags. So, ensure you use hashtags that other entrepreneurs in your niche use to reach your target audience. In my case, I often use #consultingbusiness #femalebusinesscoach and #tiktokupdates. 

Just because multiple hashtags look great doesn’t mean they always work that well. Using too many hashtags breeds confusion and misdirection and hinders your ideal audience from finding you. As a rule, using 4 to 5 trending, niche-based, and community-based hashtags is fine. Additionally, ensure that the hashtags are related to your content/brand before using them on your video(s).

Why limit yourself to trends? It’s easy to think you have to use only trending hashtags, especially when you’re new on TikTok. Even though trending hashtags may bring some traffic to your profile, it may limit the chances of your desired brand audience finding you. Instead, use a mix of trending hashtags and more hashtags that relate to your brand.

Similarly, ignoring trending hashtags will not help your content on Tiktok. Even if the trending hashtag does not directly relate to your market, you can create content around it strategically. Keep in mind that hashtags lead the trends on any social media platform. Using trending hashtags will bring more views to your videos, which you need for your business on TikTok. 

Why would anyone ignore hashtags common among your immediate community? That is wrong. Right in the city, I try to include hashtags on my videos. You may ask, why is that? I want female coaches in my neighborhood to be able to reach out to me; hopefully, they can join my TikTok marketing community. Additionally, businesses with a physical location will benefit greatly when you include your local hashtags. 

As bonus tips, here are some actionable tips to keep in mind if you wish to create a customized hashtag.

Once you master the concept of hashtags, you will see your business grow on TikTok in no time. What are you waiting for? Start creating your content and remember to upload them with the right hashtags. 

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