Facebook 2018 News Feed Changes 101: What You Need to Know For Your Business

Facebook 2018 News Feed Changes 101: What You Need to Know For Your Business

Facebook 2018 News Feed Changes 101: What You Need to Know For Your Business

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or too busy to do the double click, you likely know by now that Facebook recently announced some big changes to their news feed algorithm that impact every business, brand and publisher using Facebook for business purposes.

It is imperative you take the time to understand these changes if you plan to do any business marketing on Facebook in 2018. You need to do your research and get the facts. Do NOT believe everything you read, watch, or listen to. Make sure you are getting your information from trusted sources that you know have a vested interest and a top goal to share truthful knowledge and information that can help you achieve your goals.

Just as quickly as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg announced these changes, the Facebook fear mongers and fake news writers got to work publishing blog posts, Facebook posts, and even Facebook ads to drive fear so that you will pay more attention to them. Could be they want you to feel sorry for them, attend their event or spend your life crying and complaining like they do.

Yesterday I saw a Facebook ad from a large social media industry event host with an image and big words reading “Facebook Apocalypse.”  If this isn't bad enough, I even saw a recent article and “survival guide from a top publisher blaming Facebook for “publishers becoming more vulnerable to ad fraud.” However, once you do the double click on their data and justification, you find that Facebook has nothing to do with it and that they are referring to publishers buying services from bad brokers etc. Can someone please tell me why this is the fault of Facebook if a publisher chooses to be irresponsible in their due diligence and accept money from fraud advertisers? If this isn't an attempt at media manipulation to drive an agenda, I don't know what is.

The reality is many brands, publishers, bloggers, course creators, podcasters, and event hosts will lie to you so that you can join their pity party and complain of how Facebook is so bad. Or they may want you to think they have the answers so you will buy their super secret course with super secret tips.

In the latest episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share with you exactly what you need to know about this latest announcement from Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, I break down the announcement into bite size chunks that you can quickly grasp even if you haven't had the time to even read one blog post or scan a Facebook message on the topic. No worries, I got ya' covered. No fluff or fear mongering, guaranteed.

Take a listen to episode #243 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast and learn how you can get a grip on not only the recent announcement, but also how to get a grip on your Facebook marketing in 2018.

I also recently hosted a Facebook in 2018 webinar that goes even deeper. Grab your seat here -> How to Get a Grip on Facebook Marketing in 2018: What You Need to Know About the News Feed Changes

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