5 Ways To Use Social Media And Blogging To Win More Customers Quickly

5 Ways To Use Social Media And Blogging To Win More Customers Quickly

Blogs and social media are two of the most profitable marketing channels used by entrepreneurs.

Not only do they help you convert your visitors and readers into customers, but also help you reach new audiences that you can market to. In addition, these two marketing channels can also help you retain your current customers so that you can continue making more money from them.

However, not all businesses that try blogging and social media get high returns. Just like other marketing channels, they don’t work for everyone, and they require careful planning and strategic approaches for you to get a high ROI.

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Here are five strategies you can implement today that will help you increase your customer base rapidly.

Everyone wants to feel special, and especially your customers.

They want to feel that you’re talking to them individually, you understand their needs and that you care about them.

However, it’s challenging to do this when you are only using your social media accounts to distribute content. If you want to engage with your followers in a way that shows them that you understand and care for them, you need to interact with them at a personal level. You have to earn their trust by building and nurturing relationships with them, and in turn, they will buy from you.

Given that 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others, you need to improve your social media game if you want to win more customers in a short amount of time.

To begin with, start interacting with your followers individually. You can do this by responding to their questions and concerns promptly and recognizing your customers in your posts; for example by thanking followers who retweet your posts.

In return, the engaged followers will be more likely to buy from you and will recommend you to their friends; increasing not only the number of customers you have but also your audience reach.

Being an authority means that you are not only an expert in your field but also a thought leader or industry influencer.

Your buyers are much more likely to buy from you when they are sure that you are an expert as opposed to when they are uncertain of your expertise.

Regardless of whether you’re running a passive income blog or a business blog, the only way to gain authority and gain your customers’ trust is through content marketing. Types of content you can create include blog posts or articles, infographics, videos and case studies of your best successes. In return, your readers will be convinced that you are the right expert that can help them, and this will lead to a higher conversion rate for your blog.

We live in a visual culture where an image is worth a thousand words.

A recent consumer study conducted by Chute revealed that on average, visual content performs 4.4 times better than text-based content.

This revelation has prompted many marketers to increase their use of visual content in social media. Images and videos are not only easy to consume, but also grab a customer’s attention faster than text alone. Combining both visuals and text in your social media posts is a guaranteed way to increase customer engagement on your social media pages.

Increased social media engagement means that more of your followers will share your posts; helping you reach new audiences. It also increases your website’s or online store’s traffic, meaning your number of customers also increases. There are some great reasons to hire a professional website designer that use the graphics in such way that increase the customer engagement.

Your customers have many questions and worries that may be preventing them from making a purchase. They may also be facing challenges that your services or products can help them solve.

It’s up to you to find a convenient way to address these issues. Through customer-centric education, you earn your customers’ trust and show them that you are the best person to solve their problems.

To get started using your blog to increase your customer base, here are three ways you can use blog content to win more customers and increase sales:

Given that 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep, running a customer-centric blog for your business is a guaranteed way of multiplying your customer base, and increasing your audience reach.

A CTA is an image or text that prompts your website visitors to take some desired action. Without CTAs it would be very difficult to convert website visitors and readers into customers.

When people are reading the content on your blog, their attention is focused the content, and since most website visitors are not certain of what action to take next, they may go to another page once they have finished reading.

However, asking people to do something is not a guarantee that they will do it; which is why you have to incentivize them with freebies and giveaways. These could be in the form of discounts/coupons, free products, free courses or free eBooks and other media.

Using CTAs together with freebies can skyrocket your blog’s conversions, increasing the number of leads that your blog generates. Afterwards, you can then engage these leads and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase.

The survival of any business is determined by its ability to continue making enough sales, while its growth strongly relies on it being able to increase its profits.

If you want to guarantee the survival and growth of your business, you should consider utilizing both social media and blogging in your marketing strategies.

They will not only help you convert more of your readers and followers into customers but also reach new audiences that you can sell your products and services to.

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