4 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing

4 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing, digital is leading the way. We live in a digital world, and businesses don't have time to miss out on possible prospects because they didn't create a Facebook campaign. More than one billion people are active on Facebook, 2.1 billion own a smartphone, and 22 million Americans cut their cable bill in 2017. The numbers don't lie. If your prospect spends most of their time staring at their phone, then why not begin an online campaign? There are many reasons your business should begin to use digital marketing tools, but before we can talk about that it's important to first understand the main difference between traditional and digital marketing.  

Traditional marketing is a broad mix of printed advertising and marketing. Common methods of traditional marketing include flyers, newspapers, television, radio, magazines, billboards, and other tangible items.  

Digital marketing is the promotion of a business or product online. On a basic level, it sounds like traditional marketing online, but there are so many moving parts that digital marketing is a whole different ballgame. Digital marketing is seen on a global scale and business can leverage Google Search Engines, Social Media, AdWords, and more using digital marketing.  

Running an ad in Japan in the '90s may have been a great form of exposure for a brand back then, but today the internet has surpassed televisions reach. While traditional ads can still be seen across the world, digital marketing still has the upper hand.  

Americans, let alone the whole world, are not likely to be viewing every single commercial shown throughout the day. For many household's commercials are a time to talk, get up, take a bathroom break, or get on their mobile phone. This can be frustrating for a company that invested a lot of money into the 7 pm time slot. Even if a possible prospect sees the commercial, they may not have been the intended audience. 

Avoid the problems of traditional marketing and get exposed through digital marketing. Have you ever been on Facebook and felt like the advertisements are reading your mind? That's exactly what digital marketing can do for your business. With digital marketing, you can determine who your audience is, what sites they're on, and how to reach them. All without sending Bill out to pan hand.  

Posters, flyers, newspapers, what do they all have in common? Paper. It is estimated that 95 percent of business information is still stored on paper. To get a visual representation it takes 75,000 trees to print the Sunday edition of the New York Times alone. By using digital marketing your company can be more efficient and environmentally friendly.  

Social Media makes it possible to interact with your audience when you start a digital marketing campaign. Traditional marketing doesn't allow for a two-way conversation. Through social media, your business can interact through various methods. Facebook Live allows your business to update prospects when inclement weather causes closure, or when there is an event coming up. Along with being able to talk to your audience, they can respond in the comment section and give feedback on the information you provide. No worries, no guessing, just a business and its customers engaging in a conversation like they should.  

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