Social Media Marketing World 2018 on Twitter

Social Media Marketing World 2018 on Twitter

Social Media Marketing World started in 2013 and it has become the largest annual event in the digital and social media marketing industry. This conference is hosted by Social Media Examiner in San Diego, California and this year was held from Feb, 28 to March, 2.

Social Media is continuously evolving, and keeping up to date with all the changes and new trends is crucial to success in this competitive world. With the participation of top experts in the industry, and over 140 sessions along with workshops, 5,000 attendees could learn about the best tactics for different social networks, the latest social media trends and ultimately, how to maximize the return of their marketing strategies. The opportunity for face to face networking with the best social media professionals and peers is as important as all the insights shared during these sessions. Lastly, if we consider the fact that this event takes place in San Diego, where you can take a break from the long, tough winter, success is guaranteed.

However, t­­his conference is not only designed for social media marketers. Content creators, bloggers and podcasters can also get important takeaways from this experience. In fact, there is also room for people who are starting out in this industry. What better way to start?

So, once again, Metricool’s real-time hashtag tracker has monitored Social Media Marketing World 2018 (#SMMW18) to bring us all the relevant information we need, to better understand what happened during these three exciting days in San Diego.

The first thing that we can conclude when we look at the numbers, is the high impact that this conference had on social media:

However, we can get more interesting information if we dig a bit more into this data. If we look at the evolution and the activity on Twitter, by hour or by minute, we can discover when participants were more active and what they were talking about.

If we analyze the graph by hour, we can observe how on the second day, the activity on Twitter picks up, especially in the morning, with a total of 5,204 tweets shared between 8 am and 12 pm PT. Mike Stelzner, host of SMMW 2018 and founder of Social Media Examiner, started the day with a keynote session where he talked the audience through what is to come on social media for 2018. Twitter activity reflected the excitement for his kick off session and also, for what was coming after. Sessions like Brian Fanzo’s about creating meaningful community interactions and content that encourages active participation on Facebook as well as Samantha Kelly’s, who spoke about how to obtain Twitter conversions, kept the conversation animated on the Twitter sphere.

On March, the 2nd, the last day, the activity slowed down. However, at 10 am PT the activity on Twitter saw a spike. On that morning, Mari Smith, a top Facebook marketing expert, shared her insights about the future of Facebook but also, other sessions like the one given by Shep Hyken about customer service on Social Media had a warm response on Twitter.

SMMW 2018 was a trending topic in several locations across the world. But we should highlight that it became a trending topic at some point in entire countries like the USA, Puerto Rico, Italy, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. We should also mention that in both Australia and New Zealand, it was trending for the three days that the event lasted.

Last but not least, we always like to look at the most active Twitter participants during an event. In this case, some of them were speakers and top experts in Social Media. Others, top influencers who attended the event and were willing to share with everybody the highlights of SMMW18.

The ten people with the most interactions on Twitter are:

We’d have loved to have attended SMMW 2018 in sunny San Diego. We couldn’t think of a better way of learning from the best and at the same time, having fun and meeting fascinating professionals. It couldn’t be this time but thanks to all the twitter participants who were there and shared their impressions, we got a feel for it. Thanks for sharing!

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