Social media managers on how to effectively handle a crisis

Last updated: 12-09-2020

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Social media managers on how to effectively handle a crisis

Social media campaigns are an integral part of brand marketing strategies. A good post can elevate awareness and reaffirm the coolness of a brand, but what happens when you go viral for all the wrong reasons?

When it comes to PR disasters and brand blunders, it can be easy to forget there’s a person behind the post. Brands and social media managers alike will inevitably make mistakes.

From poorly timed tweets, to questionable GIFs and insensitive comments - these mishaps come in many different forms, in any type of industry and in companies of any size.

In today’s ‘cancel culture’ climate it can be difficult to weather the storm of a social media disaster. So, we asked our Twitter community for some practical advice on how to handle it in style.

Hi friends! For us, the only social media fail is the failure to respond. Everything else is just conversation and a conversation is never a failure, it means you are connecting and hopefully (cliché alert!) learning through that connection. Keep on drumming! /Oatly— Oatly (@oatly) December 3, 2020

When most people make a mistake at work only a few people know about it. When a social media manager makes a mistake at work it's in front of a massive audience. The average person's typos never "go viral." It's important to remember we're human and Twitter isn't life or death.— Jon-Stephen Stansel (@jsstansel) December 3, 2020

Social media thrives when you embrace authenticity. Made a mistake? Own it with grace (and a little humor) and that's that. Try not to take it personally, and TALK to a colleague, friend or social Twitter about it. Don't bottle up your stress!— Ryan Holiday Yoda LaFlamme (@ryanlaf) December 3, 2020

There was a time when it “wasn’t cool” to use the delet button, like tweets were set in stone. I say just smash that delete button and move on. If someone took a screenshot, assess the severity, but most times it won’t be a massive deal— Kat Lap (@StratKatka) December 3, 2020

Think before you write it, read it out loud, and if you have any doubt check before you post! More often than not if it sounds bad in your head it will be 10 times worse from someone else's perspective. If it still gets through, be human, apologise and in failure learn.— Iain (@iainhardie) December 4, 2020

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