4 Tips for Launching a Pet-oriented Social Media Campaign

4 Tips for Launching a Pet-oriented Social Media Campaign

Of all the marketing tools currently available to entrepreneurs, social media is one of the most powerful. Not only is it relatively inexpensive to use, but it can also disseminate information much more quickly than traditional mediums like radio and TV. And unlike radio or TV, social media can facilitate two-way engagements between brands and their target audiences in near real-time.

Social media works especially well as a marketing tool when the core marketing strategy involves appealing subjects. One very good example is that of pets. The National Pet Owners survey held by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that 85 million American families keep pets in their homes. Pet ownership is a great experience to portray in social media, as it will resonate among so many customers. Moreover, pet-oriented social media campaigns are likely to get customers talking and are an effective means to involve them in further engagement with the brand.

If you want to reach out to an audience of pet owners and promote new pet products for your brand, such as wholesale dog beds and other useful items, consider launching a pet-oriented social media campaign of your own. Here are five of the best tips to get it off the ground and to drive up your conversions with pet owner customers:

The first thing you should do is articulate how pets are involved in your overall brand story. Customers should be able to make an intuitive connection between your brand values and your new pet-driven marketing campaign. If it seems random or out of place for your company to feature pets in its online marketing efforts, your customers may be turned off and may have second thoughts about engaging with your brand.

Before producing any new material, make sure to meet up with your brand’s creative team and discuss how pets fit into your brand story. Will it be easy for customers to draw the connection between your brand and their interest in cats or dogs? What ideas should you communicate in order to establish your brand as one that cares about animals and one that should be involved in a pet owner’s lifestyle? Don’t proceed with the next steps until you have the answers to these questions.

When you’ve settled on your brand story and your campaign thrust, it’s time to make a content plan that revolves around pets. There should be a good mix of both visual and text-based content, such as FAQs, how-to articles, infographics, videos, and posters about pet care. You should also consider varying your tone from time to time, such as alternating between uplifting, lighthearted content and serious, informative content.

Once you’ve determined what types of content you’ll be releasing on social media, decide on the timeline for the production and launch of your materials. Try to be as consistent as possible in your rollout; otherwise, you might lose momentum as well as the attention of your customers.

Some companies partner with human brand ambassadors to give a “face” to the brand. Oftentimes, brand ambassadors are very effective at driving engagement because they help other customers visualize their own potential experiences with the brand.

You might have seen big companies employ celebrities as brand ambassadors on social media. But you can get creative about who you partner with, as long as they embody your brand’s ideals. If you’re releasing pet products and launching a pet-oriented campaign, why not reach out to a pet parent and ask if their pet could serve as your brand ambassador?

Choosing the right pet to be the face of your brand, and featuring them extensively in your social media campaign, could be very advantageous to your company. Their looks, personality, or lifestyle could draw the interest of your pet owner customers and get them invested in your brand.

When using social media to market your brand, remember that you aren’t limited to passively sharing your content. Use your pet-oriented campaign to kickstart exchanges with your customers and inspire further action involving your company.

Some examples of how to drum up engagement with your pet-oriented social media campaign are the following:

Strategies like these will ensure that your posts don’t get ignored and that you get the engagement that you need from your audience.

These tips should prove effective when you’re kicking off your own pet-oriented social media campaign. All the same, don’t forget to measure your customer engagement and see if it has helped you achieve your goals, like increased sales for your new pet product. The right social media strategy should drive up your conversions as well as establish your company’s long-term reputation in the pet niche. Learn to utilize the versatile marketing tool that is social media, and make it a major element of your brand’s expansion into the pet industry!

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