Twitter New Features, Stories & Product Updates for Brands and Users

Twitter New Features, Stories & Product Updates for Brands and Users

Below are the latest features, product updates, and Twitter news stories. Updated: 10.13.2022

Twitter Releases an Improved Professional Account Analytics Tab: Twitter’s Professional Accounts option has been upgraded with a new analytics display that gives an updated snapshot of your entire account’s performance. While this isn’t a new feature, it makes it easier for corporate users to monitor their Twitter performance.

Twitter’s New ‘Twemoji’ Are Designed to Appeal to Younger Audiences: Twitter introduced 3D Twemoji stickers to its image editing choices last week. Several users are adding their own creative spin to the Twemojis and appear to appreciate the idea.

Twitter is Testing New Tweet View Count: Twitter already provides reach and impression data for users who want to look at the analytics of their content. But they are also testing a new feature that will display how many views their content receives publicly.

Twitter Releases Insights on the Gaming Conversation: What seems to be just about every week, Twitter has released new insights about the conversation and usage of its platform. In their latest report, they emphasized the growth in the gaming conversation, which has tripled since 2019 (76M mentions during the first half of 2019 compared to 248M mentions during the first half of 2022). The report has many more insights, including basic demographics and the most tweeted games and franchises.

Twitter Opens App for Cross Network Sharing: Cross-network integration and sharing are good for everyone. Twitter just recently integrated the WhatsApp share button in India. It’s unknown if this feature will be released for users globally. Also, they have recently enabled tweet sharing to Snapchat and IG Stories on Android devices and a new option to share tweets directly to LinkedIn.

Twitter Launches Marketing Workshop: Twitter has recently announced new ‘Twitter Flight School’ workshops, providing actionable insights on how to be successful using Twitter for marketing. Twitter Product Marketing Manager Morgan Cornelius will run the sessions.

Twitter Shares How Tweets Spread Across the News Cycle: Twitter released some great insights on how users engage with and share news content in the app. A few of the data points below:

Twitter Expands ‘Birdwatch’ Fact-Checking Program: As the US midterm elections are right around the corner, Twitter is expanding its Birdwatch fact-checking program. The program launched last year allows any Twitter user to highlight the information they feel might be misleading. If you have a verified phone number, no rule violations, and have been using the app actively for the last six months, you can become a Birdwatch contributor. This is an interesting take on content moderation, and it’s very similar to Reddit’s community of self-policing.

You Can Finally Edit Tweets: Well, not everyone can. Twitter is finally launching an edit button after years of debate internally, even though users have been asking for it for years. Unfortunately, this feature will only be available to users who pay $4.99 monthly for a Twitter Blue subscription.

New Twitter Circle Feature Enables Users to Send Tweets to Small Groups: Twitter just launched a new feature that allows users to send tweets to smaller groups of people. Google+ had a similar feature, also called Circles. This functionality should help facilitate more thoughtful discussion and enable micro-communities to have focused conversations about passionate topics.

NFL Engagement Thriving on Twitter: What I love about Twitter is the conversation. You can’t have conversations on other platforms as well as you could on Twitter. They just released some data about the upcoming NFL season and the spike in fan conversation and engagement. Reddit shared some similar data on NFL engagement in their app.

Twitter Still Innovating! Tests Professional Account Options: Twitter continues to add more features to its Professional Accounts tools, allowing you to now choose specific labels for a CTA link. They are also launching a new Shopping Manager platform, allowing brands to upload their product catalogs directly to the platform.

Twitter Doubles Down on Podcasting: Just yesterday (8/25), Twitter is now integrating podcasts into the newly designed Twitter Spaces tab. This move should help Twitter users discover relevant audio content by displaying a specific Twitter Space or a podcast. The redesigned audio experience is a personalized hub that will group audio content by topical themes like politics, news, music, and sports.

Twitter’s New Tweet Tiles are Fire!: Twitter is testing a new way to visually display tweeted links by media publishers. Using Tweet Tiles is an innovative way to share articles with a dynamic news feed, which will drive better click-through performance of any content shared.

Twitter Business Marketing Shares Best Practices for Ads: I love what the Twitter marketing team is doing with Twitter Spaces. They just hosted a Twitter Space and shared best practices for using Twitter ads. This is critical given that the Holidays are right around the corner.

Twitter Still Pushing Audio: Adding Podcast Access: The social audio hype has died down over the last 12 to 18 months. However, Twitter remains steadfast that audio is the feature of its platform and continues to innovate with its new ‘Stations Approach,’ which would integrate popular podcasts alongside Twitter Spaces.

Twitter’s Soon to Launch ‘Reply Filter’: Twitter is working on new ways for users to control their ‘in-app experience’ by filtering out negative comments and replies. However, the filter won’t stop others from seeing those responses.

Twitter Makes Improvements to Their Performance Advertising: Twitter just released a new pixel for website visitor attribution that will allow you to track more actions during the purchase process. They also updated their conversion API and App Purchase Optimization process. These new enhancements will help you improve campaign performance, which is perfect timing with the holidays approaching quickly.

Twitter Launches Election Integrity Features: The US Midterms are approaching in a few short months, so Twitter is launching improved election integrity features that will prevent potential misuse of its platform and spreading false information about the candidates and issues. They are also launching US election hubs in the Explore tab, with curated updates by internal staff and labels on candidate profiles to clarify who they are and the positions they stand for.

Twitter Releases New Soccer Insights: Twitter released a new study on the soccer discussion happening on the platform, leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in about three months. According to the data, soccer mentions have grown 27% YOY. For brands who want to reach soccer fans, Twitter is an excellent place to engage directly with the fan base.

Twitter & Variety Magazine Launch Trending Film Engagement: Twitter has launched a new initiative with Variety, helping users decide what movie to watch and why. It doesn’t provide sentiment, so it’s hard to tell whether fans are enjoying or criticizing the movies. As of today (August 12, 2022), the top five films are Prey (Hulu), Day Shift (Netflix), Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount), Purple Heart (Netflix), and Bones & All (MGM).

Tweet Editing Looks to Become a Reality, Finally: the ability to edit tweets has been one of the top requested features from Twitter users over the last several years. It’s finally being released but will be a part of Twitter Blue and the other features for $2.99 a month.

Twitter Testing Hashtag Discovery to Communities: Twitter is now testing hashtags in Communities. This will certainly help with the discovery of new communities and in-app engagement. Interesting that they are testing only on Android and the web app. iOS is coming soon!

Twitter’s New ‘Status’ Indicators are Coming Soon: Twitter will soon be releasing a new ‘Status’ option that would users to add a customizable status to tweets. There will be a range of options, which could help to eliminate groupings of emojis to signify certain actions. This will also give users more characters for context.

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