4 Free Content Promotion Strategies for Attracting Organic Traffic (in 2021)

4 Free Content Promotion Strategies for Attracting Organic Traffic (in 2021)

After finding a useful blog post idea, the next step is researching and writing the content. Once you publish the blog post, you’ve only done half the job. Your post needs to get before your audience. There are many paid content promotion strategies. But in this post, I’ll highlight free content promotion tactics that won’t cost you a dollar provided you can do the work.

Broken links are dead hyperlinks on a website that display a 404 error message. For instance, if a user clicks on a broken link on my website, they will be lead to my 404 error page below.

404 error pages do not deliver value to your audience. Hence, they are bad for SEO. You can use broken links for promoting your content by finding them on other websites. Broken link building tools like screaming frog can help you find dead links. After detecting a broken link, the next step is contacting the owner of the target website and pitching your relevant content as a replacement.

Hi (first name of the website owner/editor) I was writing a blog post on (topic – example “project management”) and I found your post on project management basics to be comprehensive and well written. But I discovered that the link in paragraph 4, under the heading, project management cycle displays an error message. If you like to remove the error message, my post on project management benefits will be a good replacement.

Guest posting is a famed content promotion strategy because of the following:

Whenever you publish on a guest blog, you leverage the authority of that website.

Posting content on the guest blog exposes your content, website and services to followers you never had. Some of these followers could join your email list, and others could connect with you on social media. Who knows, a customer might show up after reading your guest post.

Now, let me spill the beans – you might not be successful with all your guest post submissions. But before you go wailing, here are some tips that can increase your success rate with guest posting.

Subscribing to the guest blog keeps you updated on what they are doing. This enables you to leave insightful comments on their post. As you do this often, the website owner or editor might recollect your name when you want to pitch.

Everyone likes publicity, especially those that lead to revenue from their website. Promoting the content of the target website increases their reach. When you share their content on social media, the owner of the blog might notice. This enables you to build a relationship and improves your chances of getting your guest post published.

It is essential to research before pitching a guest post. After finding a suitable guest post topic, adding keyword data shows the target website owner that they need your content. You can do this with your favorite keyword research tool. Be sure to include the target keyword and the monthly search volume data.

Content syndication is the re-publishing of existing website content like infographics, blog posts, videos, etc. Re-publishing content on other platforms provides similar benefits to guest posts. It increases your organic reach, boosts your traffic, and sends backlinks to your content.

However, syndicated content is duplicate content and it can hurt your SEO.

One way of preventing this is ensuring that the website links back to your content as the original source, which is what Business 2 Community does on all syndicated articles (example below).

Content repurposing is the reuse of existing posts to create other content formats. Typically, this starts with one piece of written long-form SEO content. You can repurpose content into formats like infographics, videos, ebooks, and presentations.

Here’s how to identify content you can repurpose.

With this data, you can find useful content to repurpose. After repurposing any content, you can promote it through any of these means:

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