How To Make Podcasting a Foundation For All Your Content Marketing -

How To Make Podcasting a Foundation For All Your Content Marketing -

Josh Steimle is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is also the founder of Published Author, a business that works with entrepreneurs to help them write a book and get it published. For Josh, podcasting is key to Published Author’s content creation, because the episodes are repositioned for content marketing pieces, including blog posts, articles, newsletters, social media posts, audiograms, and more. “It’s not just the audio. We’re also doing YouTube videos, and the podcast content gets turned into show notes and transcripts. So we’re getting blog posts out of it,” explains Josh. “There isn’t anything else I can do where I sit down for an hour, I record something, and then I get all these different forms of content out of it that go on all these different channels. If I write a blog post, it’s just a blog post. “I’m getting multiple forms of content out of not that much time and not that much work on my behalf. Whereas anything else that I do, I’d have to pay more money, I’d have to spend more time. And I wouldn’t get the coverage that I’m getting through the podcast.”

The Published Author podcast is giving Josh an incredible amount of new and current information to help with his client work. “I’m winning in so many different ways from doing the podcast,” Josh says. “It’s not just one thing, it’s more like five or six ways that I’m winning, each one of which would be worth doing it by itself. But I’m getting six times the benefit!” He explains: “When I meet with my clients, and they have a problem, and then I can say, ‘I was just interviewing this best selling author for my podcast, and they went through a similar challenge. And here’s what they did. And here’s how it worked out for them’. “That makes me look great to my client. My client looks at that and says, ‘Wow, Josh knows these bestselling authors. And he gets to meet with all these people in the publishing industry.’ So that increases my credibility, right there with that client. And of course, I’m giving the client good advice from the guest. The client’s winning because they’re getting value that’s been passed along to them. And I’m winning, because I look good to the client.”

Speaking to published entrepreneurs and other experts in every aspect of the book writing and publishing industry enables Josh to see trends and patterns.  “I see, oh, everybody seems to say this when I asked this question. And then I can take that to my clients and say, ‘Hey, I’ve spoken to 10 experts. And here’s what they all say. And I know that there’s credibility behind that because of who the people are that I’m interviewing, in, because I’m getting a sample size to be able to say, ‘Yeah, this is the way it works for pretty much everybody’.”

In this episode, Josh also explores:

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