Advocacy Stories: An Easier Way to Create & Share Content

Advocacy Stories: An Easier Way to Create & Share Content

You create tons of content for your advocates every day. Any social media manager will tell you that advocacy takes time – and if there’s any one resource social media managers desperately need more of, it’s time.

Luckily, creating and sharing advocacy content just got a lot quicker and easier with Oktopost’s Advocacy Stories.

Advocacy Stories centralizes the content you create for the advocacy board around one piece of content, making it easier for your advocates to share the exact message they want from the content you prioritize in a matter of seconds. This new feature even allows your advocates to preview and read the content in full to keep them focused on advocacy sharing.

This means less time manually adding links to your messages, and less time for your advocates to read and share posts from the board – creating better engagement from your advocates.

Advocacy Stories are a quick new way to upload, create, and share content to the Oktopost employee advocacy board. Before Advocacy Stories, you’d need to create social messages for each social network and manually add assets to each one.

Now, you can simply upload the asset you want to share and create various message versions for different voices and networks around that asset.

For example, let’s say your company has released a new guide for your customers. Instead of adding that guide to several social posts, you can now upload that guide once as a story and keep your messages centralized around that guide.

For social media managers and admins, Advocacy Stories are a great way to save time by creating advocacy content from a single asset.

Social media managers can upload a key piece of content and then give it an approved image and title for easier organization.

You can create several messages for each network around this asset so your employee advocates can choose the message that best fits their social voice. From there, you can easily add the asset to a campaign, decide when the content will be active for advocates, and when it will expire. This way, all posts you’ve created around this asset will also follow that timeframe.

What’s more, you can feature a piece of content by clicking the star in the upper right-hand corner of your story to pin it to the top of the advocacy board. This way, you can make sure the most important assets and content are seen by your advocates.

Advocacy can be overwhelming, even for seasoned advocates. There are tons of different posts around several different assets – and it can be hard to determine which content should be prioritized.

With the new streamlined Advocacy Stories feature, the advocacy board is easier to understand than ever before.

Our goal was to lower the entry barriers for new advocates coming onto the advocacy board by making content more accessible. Not only is it easier to see which assets are being promoted at once, it’s easier for advocates to get more context about that asset they’re sharing.

Now, advocates can preview a piece of content directly within the Oktopost advocacy board. This will allow them to better understand what they’re sharing, and even pick out quotes or interesting facts.

Advocacy content is at its best when advocates update their social posts in their own words. Now that’s even easier since they can read and update their posts all from the same window!

With advocacy content better centralized around the asset themselves, you get even better insights into which your advocates share the most!

Alongside each of your Advocacy Stories, you’ll be able to see how many times the content was shared by your advocates.

At a glance, you can get a better understanding of which kind of content your advocates prefer to share on their social networks. You can use these insights to create more advocate-friendly content in the future.

With Advocacy Stories, you’re better equipped to create great advocacy content and keep your employee advocates engaged for longer. Your advocacy board will be better organized, and it’ll be easier for you to see exactly what kind of content performs best with your advocates.

Your advocates will be able to better personalize and share your content on their social profiles.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Check out the tutorial for turning on Advocacy Stories in the Oktopost app and start creating your own stories today!

As always, let us know what you think about Advocacy Stories!

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