What Is an AI Content Generator and How Can It Help Your Business? - The European Business Review

What Is an AI Content Generator and How Can It Help Your Business? - The European Business Review

Have you ever wished for an easier way to create quality content for your business? Let’s face it, content generation is a considerable time investment. First, you need ideas. Then, if you want it to be found (and read) online, you’ll need to figure out your SEO keywords and phrases. And then you need to organize all your thoughts… Finally, at long last, you can sit in front of your computer and stare at the blank page. Writer’s block? Maybe a walk around the block will help.

The best writers can struggle with filling a blank page, even when they know what they want to say. Trying to ensure all your content is optimized for search engines is time-consuming. And the algorithms are constantly changing!

If you’re looking for an easier way to do your content marketing, you may have considered hiring an employee. But do you want to pay the overhead for another staff member? You could employ freelance professional writers, but market rates for an article of 1,200 to 2,000 words range between $250-$1000. That adds up! Instead, you may want to consider using an AI content generator to help you meet your marketing needs.

A content generator is, quite simply, a machine that’s been taught to write content that looks and sounds like people have created it. And, in many cases, it’s also been trained to develop content that will meet certain criteria for search engine optimization, plagiarism checks, etc.

Instead of hiring people to research, write, and edit, you can give the same task to AI. What would take hours or days can be completed within a fraction of the time and for less! On the other hand, it takes over a lot of the leg work that typically goes into developing and implementing your content strategy.

Do you hate locating authoritative sources for your content? Your generator can help! Researching becomes a breeze when you can input a few keywords, and your AI helper will uncover the articles ranking at the top of search engines.

But it gets better. Ordinarily, you would need to dissect those top-ranking articles to figure out what search engines want to see. But AI can do it for you. Whether you want it to model your new content around what’s performing well or simply identify the common traits, your AI can make the whole process easier.

AI never gets tired. They don’t get writer’s block. And what would take a human hours to create can be generated by AI in minutes. Stop paying writers to invest weeks into developing what your content generator can do more quickly, efficiently, and cheaply! Imagine all the other ways you could use your hard-earned resources and time!

Trying to find quality images to use in your marketing takes time. First, you must find images that fit your branding. Then you need to make sure it’s free to use or that you license it correctly. All that research is exhaustive. Yet you don’t want to risk the legal consequences of not doing your due diligence before choosing your pictures.

Finding images for your content is a breeze when you enter the relevant keywords into your AI content generator. A few minutes later and you’ll see the top images available, and their sources, for your needs.

The algorithms for search engine optimization are always changing. In fact, a new update was just released in August 2022. Keeping up with the new standards for SEO is a never-ending process of continuing education… if you’re a human. The learning curve takes time and that expertise costs money.

But when you use AI, it’s a much simpler process because it’s done for you. For example, the machine can process all the high-ranking pages on the internet far faster than a team of human professionals.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what keywords and phrases to use in your content. What are your ideal clients searching for? Where are the best opportunities? You could hire an SEO Specialist to do the work, but that’s expensive. An AI content generator makes getting recommendations and actionable strategies for your business affordable.

Big businesses have the budgets and resources to hire a team of experienced copywriters, content writers, and SEO strategists to help them reach their goals. Do you? If you’re starting from scratch, trying to begin your content marketing strategy from nothing can be daunting. And keeping up with your content demands is expensive. An AI content generator can be part of your winning strategy to compete in your industry.

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