The Content Chat Bulletin: Your Content Strategy Alone Is Not Enough for Content Marketing Success

The Content Chat Bulletin: Your Content Strategy Alone Is Not Enough for Content Marketing Success

Happy Monday—or as every retailer seems to be calling it right now, Early Black Friday Day... ;)

Recently, I talked a prospect out of signing on to do a content strategy project with us. And no, it’s not the first time I’ve done that, either! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The client was an amazing fit for our team, with a mission and subject matter that everyone we’d assembled was eager to work on. The project would also have been an opportunity to work with an extended team of content and social media pros I enjoy collaborating with.

While the client had been active on social and creating content for several years, they’d been doing so without a strategy. Instead, they published content sporadically when someone had time. So it’s no wonder their sales pipeline wasn’t primed for when they had the bandwidth to work with new clients.

They’d worked with marketing agencies who’d made big promises and failed to deliver in the past. So they were a bit wary about investing in something less tangible than content creation or Google Adwords.

We put together a solid pitch deck that detailed where we saw opportunities for content and social strategy work to set them on a path for sustained, long-term growth. We walked the founder through the deck and shared examples of the strategic outputs and documentation to give them a sense of the concrete deliverables they were paying for.

After we walked through our presentation, the founder shared they’d be more comfortable investing in the proposed project if there were a guarantee of the results they’d receive.

I paused for a second and then said, “As with your business, there isn’t any way we can give you a guarantee that our content strategy will deliver a specific ROI. Its success will ultimately come down to whether or not you execute the strategy or if it sits in a file drive and gathers dust. If you are not sure you can commit to ongoing content creation to support the plan—whether we do it or someone else does—I wouldn’t go forward with this project.”

Our proposal included a quote for baseline one-time content creation projects (email marketing nurture streams and a 30-day challenge) plus ongoing monthly blog and social media content. The strategy work would inevitably also result in additional content creation recommendations.

A week after our final email exchange about the pitch, the prospect let us know they were not going to move forward with our project but might be in touch in the future. They also let us know it was what I’d said above that helped them make this decision.

Although we were all excited about this potential project, I’m happy with how this turned out. It’s incredibly disappointing to me when my team and I craft a content strategy and its supporting elements and watch it start gaining traction but falter when a client stops following the recommendations.

That’s why, for the past few years, in every new client pitch, I have made sure to mention having a client who didn’t execute the strategy we crafted. And it’s been a factor in several clients deciding not to move forward with us. And that’s great!

A content strategy is not a magic bullet that will save your business. And it’s not a three-month campaign that will result in a significant, immediate sales increase. Instead, it will give you a path to follow to build relationships with your ideal customers and be top of mind for them when they are ready to make a purchase. But that's only going to happen if you commit to it.

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