How Can Link Building Improve Your Businesses’ Marketing?

How Can Link Building Improve Your Businesses’ Marketing?

Link building is really important to improve your search engine page rankings, no matter your niche. Building quality links will not only drive more traffic to your website, but it will also reward you with an authoritative presence in your niche. But, as good things usually are, link building isn’t easy, and it will take a lot of time to see actual results, so you will have to patient.

Link building refers to getting links back to your website, from other websites and other sources. The end goal to achieve with link building is referral traffic and improving search rankings. It is quite similar to having authorities vouch for you, that the content you post is relevant and you aren’t a spammer. With link building, Google can ensure that you are not a fraud and what you are trying to tell the world is fair and not just self-praise.

You need to know the concept of organic marketing to fully understand it. Organic marketing is one that isn’t paid and isn’t about artificially getting customers to see you. But organic marketing happens to take a lot more time than it’s opposite, inorganic marketing. So why choose organic marketing?

It is believed that customers who are acquired from their own understanding and certainty about your brand, are much more valuable than those who just know you through an advertisement they saw. You can assume that the trust and emotions attached to an ad are simply nothing, compared to those built with organic marketing.

Now, one of the finest ways of organic marketing? Ranking at top of search engine page results, of course. And how do you do that? Well, it involves a lot of things, but link building plays a very important part. Marketing is a really profitable business, even for a tech giant like Google. You can easily skip the queue by paying money through AdSense to rank on top of a SERP of any keyword of your choice. It depends on your business niche, and on what works the best for you. But if you want to rank organically, and build and maintain an authoritative presence, link building is an absolute must.

Search engine optimization refers to bringing you on top SERP organically, for the keywords you want to top. SEO services include placing and using keywords in the content of your website and blog to reach the top of SERP. Google has a plethora of web results to display from, the only way for it to conclude what’s relevant is through their search algorithm. SEO is basically abiding by the algorithm and to the changes, Google makes to it. Want to know all about the Google algorithm and its updates over the years? Find it below.

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Link building goes hand in hand with content management, along with the use of focus keywords. All these techniques come under the umbrella term SEO, as they are focused on improving SERP. But link building also ensures you build an authoritative presence since your domain authority depends a lot on link building. Organic marketing is the best type of marketing, subtle, and yet quite moving. Link building is a basic necessity if you are looking forward to the ever-growing organic market.

It’s one of the most important ways of building quality links over time. Many websites would love a great article posted on their website, in exchange they will let you have a backlink(s). Now, this is very subjective in the real world, because many websites may think of you as their competition, and so, won’t be interested to give you backlinks.

But, mostly, guest posting works wonders for quality backlinks, aim for websites with an acceptable DA and get emailing. Many times, people will be happy to go with barter. You write an article for them, they write one for you, as simple as that. You can always negotiate on the number of links they and you put in the article, according to your respective domain authorities and popularity.

Many websites are a hub for writers to write and readers to read, they are usually publications. And many publishers allow backlinks for your fair share of profit. This method is amazing for some referral traffic, as publications usually have a huge following. There are more than a ton of them out there, some let you post for free, some charge you a fee, some won’t allow links at all. Here’s a great example of an amazing article published on Hackernoon about IoT implementation and development.

Before you move ahead, you should check their community guidelines to ensure trouble-free posting. Publications that don’t give you a link will still let your name be known to the world. Being an author from a company account of one of these publications is great publicity. You should, however, ensure that you hire only the best writers, people come down to publications for their love of reading, not to see or know new companies.

Even if your niche is known only to a few people, it is sure to have some influencers that literally control the niche. Bloggers could have a million followers, you could imagine their authority in the domain. Bloggers could easily both write for you and add backlinks to your websites. Their platforms are the same as publications, the major difference is the audience is committed to them.

It is not only majorly beneficial to the referral part, but it will also give you an edge above your competitors. Instagram influencers are the thing too, but selling a service with can be a tad bit tough. Usually, influencers’ personal websites have exclusive authority, the one you won’t ever find with a generic business website. You can hire them or come in terms with posting on their website, for exclusive backlinks that count.

If you are looking forward to making the web recognize your business, you have to start investing time and efforts for link building. The only way to up your organic marketing game is by focusing on SEO and content marketing with proper link building. You will with time grow authority, people will start recognizing you, and finally, start trusting you. Your website will need actual reviews and facts, rather than just you singing chores of your own greatness. The best metric a generic user sees, and you can work on, is where you rank on the SERP.

The world is moving forward at a great pace, everyone knows that nobody likes inorganic advertisements anymore. People love to hire those who have reviews from actual clients, rather than those who just have a bit of money to spend on ads. Sure, you can occupy spaces that someone else could buy, but having the top rank on SERP while buying out an ad space? You will definitely be the first choice for everyone looking forward to such a service/product.

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