Are Content Creators Entrepreneurs? Turn Your Content Into a Business

Are Content Creators Entrepreneurs? Turn Your Content Into a Business

Are content creators entrepreneurs? Four simple words, one big question. And the answer to that question is a favorite of every seasoned content marketer … It depends.

Content creators are sometimes entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs sometimes create content. But the two categories are not synonymous.

Content creators aren’t necessarily entrepreneurs. Sometimes they just create content. Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily create content. Although content has become more and more a part of any type of business, some simply create businesses that sell products or services.

Let’s first look at the journey to become a content creator. Then we’ll explore the next steps a content creator would take to become an entrepreneur.

Building an audience involves a lot of trial and error.

But those who wish to have their own audiences make the effort because having a group of individuals who look forward to getting your content is an extremely valuable asset.

Your audience members are the most likely to become customers or clients because they have gotten to know, like, and trust you through the value you already offer them — before any money has been exchanged.

Although every content marketing journey of trial and error is different, your personal story likely shares a common thread with your peers’ paths …

Some years ago, I wrote about an impressive YouTube channel called Pick Up Limes.

A dietician named Sadia Badiei created Pick Up Limes and began posting videos about nutrition, travel, minimalism, and productivity at the beginning of 2017. By the end of that year, she had more than 650,000 subscribers.

Now, in 2023, she has more than four million subscribers.

I discovered the channel after a damn good headline on my YouTube home page caught my eye. All of the videos I binge-watched in a short period of time were professional and polished, and I knew I’d check out new content from Sadia in the future as well.

I also noticed a lot of similarities to another YouTube channel I followed called Jenny Mustard.

So, it was no surprise that by the middle of 2017 Sadia collaborated with Jenny and mentioned that Jenny’s content-creation style influenced the videos on the Pick Up Limes channel.

Sadia didn’t just stay a fan — a consumer — of Jenny’s content; she transformed from a Fan to a Fanatic to a Fantastic Content Creator.

It’s a process, and it’s one professional writers know well.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this phase for content creators on their way toward becoming entrepreneurs.

Not only do savvy content marketers know the value of their fans, there’s no substitute for the passion and enthusiasm that comes with being a Fan.

When you’re a Fan, you’re also uniquely positioned to learn a lot about content creation.

You might regularly comment on content, participate in LinkedIn group discussions, or attend free webinars.

You know you’ve entered into the Fanatic phase when you say:

You’re ready to admit to yourself that, deep down, you’ve had the desire to create Your Own Things all along. ????

The content and communities you explored as a Fan have propelled you to start seriously studying everything you need and want to learn.

You’ll feel good about diving in and uncovering your own style.

Now you have your own publishing platform, but the truth about content is that you can always get better at creating it.

You may be a Fantastic Content Creator, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to produce your next project — and there’s no guarantee that it will be effective either.

Fantastic Content Creators need to remain Fans, and they definitely need to stay Fanatics about their own work.

There’s no complacency in content marketing.

Are you ready to grow, but don’t know what you should do first?

Like I wrote in the introduction of this article, your content marketing journey is going to involve a lot of trial and error.

But taking just one step to learn a new skill can give you the momentum you need to be confident about experimenting and figuring out what works for you and your audience.

Forget about the “best way” and find your way.

Content creators are often well positioned to become entrepreneurs because they understand their audience members and how the right products or services can help them.

People in your life mean well. They really do.

Your family and friends want to protect you. They want you to have a “safe” career (aka, one they understand).

So, after content creators decide to become entrepreneurs, they’ll often hear a lot of concerns when they mention their new business venture.

I’ve been there. In 2008 when I started a writing business, no one I knew thought it was a good idea.

Believe me, I had my own fears about it, and the disapproval I received from others magnified those doubts. I looked at other working content marketers with popular blogs and wondered how I could compete.

I had to choose to find clients for content writing … strategically.

I couldn’t just sit back, browse low-paying job ads on freelancing sites, and hope I’d stay busy.

But how was I going to get connected to those great clients? Didn’t they already work with other content writers?

While you do have to position yourself to stand out to your ideal prospects, creativity is not a competition.

I used all of the content marketing blogs I read as sources of motivation, rather than reasons to give up.

If other people were doing it, I was definitely capable of doing it too. My way.

There are limitless opportunities for you to offer unparalleled value, no matter how intriguing someone else’s services seem.

Another freelance writer can do their thing and you can do yours … remarkably.

You simply have to commit to:

When you’re ready to get serious about transforming from a content creator into an entrpreneur, you need a one-two punch of business fundamentals and content strategy.

That’s where Copyblogger Academy comes in.

It’s for writers and content creators who want to become entrepreneurs.

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