Is Digital Marketing Overtaking Traditional Marketing?

Is Digital Marketing Overtaking Traditional Marketing?

It's very important for your hotel to spend its marketing budget in the right segment and to make the most effective use of it. There is an ongoing debate between traditional and digital marketing. Let's take a look at both.

Traditional marketing is any type of marketing that isn't online and you can easily reach your local audience through these channels. They include:

Traditional marketing still has a place in consumers' daily life. Like any other method, it has significant advantages and disadvantages.

These are all types of digital marketing. Even Googling " what is ARO'?" is evidence of effective digital marketing. 

Digital marketing can be ideal for high ROI although detailed data-driven analysis is required to run and optimise online advertising campaigns. The following are some of the pros and cons of digital marketing.

Technology Dependent: Digital marketing methods rely on effective technology and if it breaks the only solution is to wait it out. Less Permanent: Digital marketing efforts like Google ads, promo emails or social media ads are impermanent and can be ignored. Once a user clicks to the next page your ad will be gone from the target audience's screen. Constantly Evolves: Each channel of the digital world usually requires a specialist to get the best bang for your buck. What Is the Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing? Traditional marketing is still an important and widely used marketing methodology for businesses, but it is not the only way to introduce a company's products and services. It is true that traditional advertising methods may have become more diverse over the years, but their offering has not radically changed. 

Hotels can use it to have complete control over the growth of their audience and their advertising budget On the other hand, digital marketing, driven by new technologies, is becoming more advanced every month. , and to monitor and optimise the result of their campaigns.

The key is to find the right balance between traditional and digital because both play an important role in a marketing strategy. 

Digital marketing is a key tool in driving direct bookings for hotels and a particular speciality of Aró Digital. 

While off-line marketing such as PR has its place, it is crucial that it is linked to the hotel's digital offering, for example by or providing backlinks from articles.