How to Use Email Marketing to Complement Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

How to Use Email Marketing to Complement Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Have you considered email marketing an obsolete method? Sadly, you are mistaken. The email has returned as if a phoenix and made its impact felt in the marketing world. Our calculations go wrong many a time. It has been the case with email marketing as well. Marketers have identified the ways to integrate email with social marketing effectively, to produce extraordinary results.

Studies indicate that the cost-effective email marketing method has more than 4000% of yield in the case of ROI. Both email and social media platforms are entirely different channels. However, both together turn pivotal in exploring the possibilities of digital marketing to grab exemplary results.

Most of the multinational companies, marketing giants, and global brands have teams constantly brainstorming result-oriented approaches blending both the channels. You can assign the task of analysis and application to your in-house team or a professional digital marketing agency. They must focus on extracting the best results using elegantly crafted mails that don’t appear spammy. Rather the email you draft must have something that hooks the customer from the first word.

A holistic and client-centric ideology is what distinguishes a productive email from a futile one. You cannot expect the emails to render results if it doesn’t understand the customer needs and address those thoughtfully. Sending out thousands of emails that lack the required content and awaiting the result, is as if waiting for the prize for a lottery you haven’t purchased.

The email must be prepared after thoroughly understanding and including the following aspects:

– After identifying and segregating the target audience.

– Ascertain the client needs, address those and provide solutions

– Understand the issues encountered by the customers and suggest resolution accordingly

– Customer is king. His or her thoughts, concerns, and problems have to be addressed; not yours.

– It must be crafted creatively to grab the attention of the reader from the first sentence itself.

Your team can implement measures that aid in effectively integrating email with social media marketing efforts. A systematically derived methodology would be necessary for garnering significant outcome by complementing both the previously mentioned channels. The methodologies you can consider are elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs.

An exhaustive discussion or brainstorming session may not be required to determine how effective your social media campaigns are or the ROI through email marketing. A glance through the conversions in the previous period would reveal to you the flaws, inefficacies, and problem areas in your digital marketing. The observations could be explored to pinpoint the root cause for the failure or ask your digital marketing agency to provide an in-depth analytical report concerning it. Once we understand our weaknesses or where we lag, actions to make good the lacunae could be undertaken easily.

Since you are searching how to use email marketing to complement social media marketing efforts, we presume that you have a strong social media presence. Include the social media icons, social media profiles or handles in the email you forward. Place the icons prominently to make sure that it grabs the attention. It is advisable to use a responsive icon. This action will meet two requirements. The customer, who wants to connect with your social media page can click on the icon and reach the page directly. Secondly, it gives an impression to the user that you have a strong social media presence. Therefore, your brand is easily reachable. This would enhance a trustworthy image.

You can ask your social media followers or subscribers to connect with you to get weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletters as well. Make a convincing statement that narrates to them about much more worthy information, special deals and offers that await you. There is a high chance for potential clients to share the email with you and sign up for the newsletter. You can also offer some limited period offer for a certain number of email subscribers. Promulgate the offer through all your social media pages to obtain maximum engagement.

You may be having a strong presence on Instagram. The latest products from your brand might be displayed on your Insta page or promoted through Insta Reels. It is better to channelize your clients to your brand’s Instagram page, rather than inviting them to all your social media handles. Use tactically written emails and attract the customers to the social media section you want.

You may be having two different teams working in email marketing and social media campaign. Their activity plans and calendars should be in perfect sync. Otherwise, one may start the offer period when the other ends, causing confusion among the customers. It would be good if the team can sit together under the guidance of one person and finalize each month’s activity in advance. Constant monitoring from an independent authority in the firm is also effective in preventing shortcomings.

In addition to sharing worthy info, the latest offers, and exclusive deals, you can place to CTA button in the email. You can offer special discounts for email subscribers. Or request them to connect with social media or share the page with friends. The users may have to be given some incentive for sharing emails with friends. You can offer some additional discounts in that case. Success lies in the way you craft the email content. It should lure the client, however, it should not make them feel so.

Email marketing is one of the most budget-friendly digital marketing techniques. Although it has been used as a different channel from social media marketing, both can complement each other to gain great results. The digital marketing agency you assign or your internal team of marketing experts must explore the ways and means to deduce optimal outcome. Here we have discussed six ways to use email marketing to complement your social media marketing efforts. Several more ways can be considered whilst planning marketing activities. Research and execute strategies that can improve the visibility of your brand, connect with the users, and boost conversions.

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