How to build personalised experiences for all website visitors and boost your sales

Last updated: 01-20-2021

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How to build personalised experiences for all website visitors and boost your sales

It’s no secret that personalisation can drive conversions and sales. But, it also requires very powerful technology, which makes it largely inaccessible to medium-sized businesses. However, there is a solution that can help you bring an omnichannel experience for your SME – read on to find out how to build a personalized marketing experience for all your website visitors and customers and boost your sales using Pure360.

Pure360, with its PureTargeting and PureCampaign modules, can help you:

Personalised marketing, if you’re not familiar with the term, is a marketing tactic by which companies leverage data to build personalised experiences for each lead or customer you might have on your list.

And the reason why it works so well and so much better than other marketing tactics is that it gives the customer exactly what they want. By building a personalised experience, whether it’s on a web page or an email you sent them, you’re effectively improving the customers’ experience, as well as creating a consistent experience across different channels. This in turn will help improve brand loyalty and sales.

Think of it this way; wouldn’t you be more likely to buy more if all the products you saw in an email or a web page is directly relevant to you?

If you’re using any form of marketing automation (and even regular email marketing tools), you’re probably already using some personalisation elements when communicating with leads and customers, like using their first name in email subject lines, or sending them emails with the items they’ve left in the cart. But, that is pretty much basic personalisation – there is so much more that you can do to create a truly personalised experience for each customer and lead.

However, there are also some challenges to building this level of personalisation – namely, the technology, as I mentioned earlier. Like with most new technology in its early days, it’s expensive and difficult to set up if you don’t have the resources.

Thankfully though, there is a tool that can build this kind of personalised experiences, even for medium-sized  businesses: Pure360.

Pure360 is a website and email personalisation tool that allows e-commerce and travel brands of any size to build truly personalised experiences for their leads and customers. It’s also a full marketing suite, with 4 different marketing tools: pure campaign, pure targeting, pure promotions, and pure intelligence.

Not only is it more accessible, but it’s also very easy to use. All you need to do is add 1 line of script to your website and start personalizing your campaigns – and if you have any experience with email marketing and marketing automation, you’ll find the whole process extremely easy.

As for who it’s for, it works best for e-commerce businesses – specifically mid-sized e-commerce businesses. With this tool, you’ll be able to build an omnichannel, personalised experience for the entire customer life cycle. With it, you’ll be able to see results almost immediately – higher open rates for your emails, more sales, and more loyal customers.  Here’s how it works:

PureTargeting is one of the personalization tools in the Pure360 suite, which you can easily access through your Automations dashboard:

This is also where you can create triggered emails – among other features. For example, you can:

And, you can also create your own custom triggers.

Another thing that you can do with PureTargeting is to create real-time personalised content – not just for emails, but also for your website. The tool uses all of the data it gets from tracking your website users to provide personalised dynamic content, which is great for improving sales and upselling – these pieces of personalised content are called SmartBlocks.

To create truly powerful SmartBlocks, you first need to be very clear on who exactly you’re targeting; basically, you should ideally create multiple buyer personas and then build these SmartBlocks based on their behaviour. Your dedicated Pure360 Customer Success Manager will be helping you form your strategic roadmap for this.

For example, you could create a SmartBlock for VIP customers where you recommend bespoke sets of your high-quality products. Or, for lapsed customers, you can promote your offers and reduced items to motivate them to convert again – this way, you’re playing to your strengths to increase your sales.

As you can see above, there are a plethora of options when it comes to building Smartblocks; for example, you can set up personalised machine-learning product recommendations like “people like you also buy”, “products purchased together”, or products “purchased after viewing this” – basically all of those methods that have you buying 5 extra products after coming to buy one thing from your favorite retailer.

Other useful Smartblocks that you can create include:

Earlier on, I talked a bit about the importance of knowing your audience and creating buyer personas to improve your targeting.

This is where PureTargeting comes in – with the segment builder, you can build highly targeted segments based on data and the actions taken by your visitors:

To start creating your segment, you can easily drag and drop conditions to the builder in the middle of the page:

Here too you can see very detailed analytics and reports – you can even see what your visitors are doing/buying on your website in real time.

You can see a summary of your results and ROI (I absolutely love the focus on ROI) as well as create all kinds of other reports, such as the performance of your SmartBlocks, conversions reports, detailed reports on all your website visitors, reports on your most popular products, and dozens more – literally. It’s a data geeks’ heaven, to be honest.

One of the things that you can do with Pure360 is building powerful personalised email experiences – to a whole new level than regular email marketing tools.

The first thing to do is to set up your email lists and contacts. Once that’s done, you can start segmenting:

There are some very complex segmenting options here so it’s worth spending some time creating extremely targeted segments of users. You can add the segments you want based on your particular business needs, as well as use the built-in segments, such as device used, last opened/last clicked date, date of sign up, and many more.

You can add as many conditions as you want and choose whether you want the user to match all conditions or any of them:

This allows you to target very specific users with exactly the type of content that will interest them, therefore helping you make more conversions and sales.

Once you’ve uploaded your lists to Pure360 and created your segments, you can start creating your emails; for example, cart recovery emails, welcome emails, and re-engagement emails. Ideally, you should create an email for any situation in order to boost your results overall.

As for the actual email builder, you have a few different options: drag and drop, visual editor, HTML code editor, and plain text editor.

Once you’ve chosen the builder you want to use, you can set up the campaign and there are actually a few different awesome features here.

First, the subject line; you can add multiple subject lines for each email:

If you do add multiple subject lines, you’ll then have a couple of different options: one, you can test subject lines with a classic A/B test to see which subject lines performs better, and the second option, Selector, will pick the best subject line for you.

The way it works is, the tool will analyse the open rate for all your subject lines within the first hour of sending your email in order to figure out which subject line performed best and will then use that subject line for the rest of the emails.

Another thing that you can do at this stage is set up link tracking so you can then see very detailed reports of your emails’ success. Plus, you can also add website analytics for even more insights:

As you can see above, Pure360 integrates with Google Analytics, but if you use any other tool for web analytics, you can enter your additional campaign tags and codes in the space provided.

Once you’ve made your setting, it’s time to actually build your campaign. You can either create your own email from scratch (as well as create templates that you can re-use in the future), or you can use one of their existing templates built for different types of stores, as well as different types of messages (like welcome emails and secret sales):

If you’d prefer to start from scratch, the builder is very easy to use. With the drag and drop builder, you can easily add any types of components you want – and you’ve got a lot of variety:

There are entirely too many types of components to list them all, but suffice it to say, you’ve got enough to add pretty much anything you want: as many columns as you want, as well as panels and grids, images, social sharing, and call to action buttons, among others.

Plus, add any personalisation you want – just type in the { sign to see all of your personalisation options:

If you create any components that would work well in other emails too or that you simply want to save for later use, you can easily select the component within the email and star it to save it.

Apart from this, you have all kinds of other customization options, but the best part is the ‘recommendation components’ feature – this is what can really help you drive up your sales and conversion rate. What this feature does is populate your email with dynamic and personalised content.

For example, one of the ways you can use this feature is to send cart abandonment emails with information based on the users’ activity on your website, down to the nanosecond (with the help of its integration with the other Pure360 tools in the marketing suite).

But, recommendations aren’t just about negative behaviour like cart abandonment; for example, you can send highly targeted and personalised product recommendations. What’s more, Pure360 integrates with review services like TripAdvisor and can, therefore, send only the best-reviewed items to your email list, and include their ratings to help convince the lead or customer to buy. Plus, you can also use this feature for upselling to existing customers.

Another cool thing about Pure360 is that you don’t actually have to create any content specifically for the campaign or email – the tool will automatically pull the relevant content from your website (for example, images with your products with pricing).

Apart from personalised emails, you can also create marketing automation campaigns; there are 2 types of automations that you can create:

They’re very easy to set up; simply select the list you want to email along with the message you’re planning to use, set the date, and add any filters you want to improve targeting.

Another very cool feature worth mentioning, is intelligent time sending. While you can also schedule your email for the time and date you prefer, you have the option to help boost open rate by sending emails at the specific times each user is most likely to open it.

The tool analyses users’ behaviour and the times they usually read emails – but you can still schedule the email or campaign, but with the intelligent time scheduling feature the tool will use that time as a starting point to start sending the emails.

Lastly, you also have access to very detailed analytics for all of your email campaigns and automations.

On the main dashboard, you’ll be able to see an overview of your results (click rates, open rates, and so on), but if you click on a campaign, you’ll be able to see a lot more detailed analytics:

As you can see in the screenshot above, you get a lot of analytics – not just open rates or click rates, but also information about demographics, like email opens by device, locations, email domains, and much more.

All data can be exported for safekeeping, and you can even export data by type (only opens, or clicks, or opt-outs, for example).

Pure360 is such an easy to use, and feature-rich tool that it’s difficult to list all of the features worth listing. But I think the most important thing to know about Pure360 is that it has an incredibly wide variety of content personalisation features for both email and web. You pretty much get highly complex features that you’d expect only the biggest companies in the world can afford to implement – but the fact is, it’s very accessible to businesses of all sizes.  This is a tool that is built specifically to easily create better, highly personalised customer experiences, while also helping you improve your sales substantially.

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