How 'Time' uses captivating visuals to make a splash on social media - PR Daily

Last updated: 02-28-2021

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How 'Time' uses captivating visuals to make a splash on social media - PR Daily

For nearly nine decades, Timegrabs readers’ attention with its “Person of the Year.”

The feature that was created out of necessity after a slow news week in 1928 has grown to encompass “the man, woman, group or concept that had the most influence on the world during the previous 12 months.”

It’s also matured into outstanding social media engagement, partnership opportunities, products and more.

Kassidy Silva, senior manager of social media strategy for Time, recently shared how the feature fits into the publication’s social media strategy, which focuses on collaboration across departments, captivating visual storytelling, opportunities to monetize content and beyond, and creating innovative partnerships and products that aren’t limited to Time’ssocial media profiles.

Time’ssuccess with visuals across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are part of a “consistent and recognizable vision” that Silva and her colleagues create to support the publication’s editorial features along with the media company’s business goals and objectives.

Each visual serves a distinct purpose and Silva says the team works to establish a clear and consistent call to action. Along with encouraging consumer action, Time’ssocial media visuals also increase consumer recognition and recall of the brand:

The images are also created with a mobile-first audience in mind. Take, for example, Time’s“Person of the Year” visuals that the team shared on its social media feeds, including its Instagram Stories:

The mobile-first and visually appealing storytelling effort can continue to be accessed by Time’sInstagram followers, through a collection of Stories at the top of its profile:

These visual efforts have enabled Timeto refresh a legacy brand, making it more appealing to existing and new readers. It’s also helped the publication to forge partnerships, solidify sponsorship opportunities and even create popular products such as its “Person of the Year” baby onesie:

Communicators across industries can take inspiration from Time’ssuccess. Create visuals with your social media platforms and your audience in mind, and make sure they tie to your campaign’s call to action and your overall business goals. Don’t be afraid to try something new—including working on a story or campaign with another organization.

Learn more from Silva in our Ragan Training library. There, she shares how to “Reinvent Your Social Media Strategy: How TimeRefreshed a Legacy Brand with Visuals, Paid Content and More.”

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