How to Grow Your Small Business Using AI | 7wData

How to Grow Your Small Business Using AI | 7wData

Does your brandleverage artificial intelligence ( AI)for small business tools currently helping brands perform various tasks with ease?

22%of companies say that they can attribute more than 5% of their earnings before interest and taxes to using AI.

So, why doesn’t your brand take advantage of AI for small business applications that can help you lower costs, improve results, reduce time wastage, and grow your company?

Well, if this is because you are still on the fence about the benefits of adopting AI for your small business, consider how using it in the following ways can grow your company.

Analytics can power your marketing decisions, but how much value does your small business get from the data collected?

That is why you need AI for small business tools.

With them, you can extract patterns and insights from the data collected. This way, you cancreate marketing plansand make decisions based on that information. 

AI analytic tools can also recommend actions to take based on opportunities recognized in your analytics.

Best of all?

Using AI for your small business can help you analyze data from many sources and offer predictions about what works or doesn’t. They can also dive deep into customer data and offer predictions about preferences, marketing channels, and product development.

Instead of only focusing on customer acquisition, your small business should have campaigns that are always on. This means providing great experiences throughout the customer journey, from when they learn of your offers to after purchase.

But how does AI for small business integration fit into your customer’s journey?

Think about your lifecycle marketing strategy, from the first point of contact to nurturing, conversion, and post-purchase. If you focus on offering exceptional experiences throughout, you deepen relationships with customers while increasing the chances of repeat purchases.

If you add AI chatbots to this mix, you can leverage natural language processing to understand your audience’s wants,guide them to conversion, and retain them. 

These AI chatbots act as virtual assistants throughout your customer touchpoints.But that’s not all.Integrating AI for small business chatbots helps you:

92%of consumers believe every interaction they have with brands must be excellent. Additionally, they want brands to recognize them as individuals and understand their priorities and needs.

And by integrating AI for small business chatbots, you can make this a reality.

With AI for small business tools, your brand can create emotive scripts, create smart ads, and recommend products based on audience preferences. They help you create better campaigns that can drive more impact.

But what other benefits do you get from leveraging AI for small business applications?

63%of buyers will stop shopping from a brand if it uses poor personalization tactics. These include targeting for too long, many times, or even after they already purchased items.

So how does AI help?

With AI for small business applications, you can use predictive analytics to send personalized recommendations, upsells, and cross-sells.

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