5 Ways to Leverage Podcast Features in Your Marketing Strategy - RichPerry

5 Ways to Leverage Podcast Features in Your Marketing Strategy - RichPerry

Today I’m going to share a common mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to getting on podcasts and how you can get the smart advantage by optimizing your expert features.

I see so many entrepreneurs work tirelessly to get featured on podcasts. They do the research, send the pitch, and land the booking. They make the necessary preparations and rock the interview. They even put out a blast on social media to alert their fans to tune in. Up until this point they’re killing it. They’ve done everything right.

But here’s where most mess up, so pay careful attention.

After the interview is done, they quickly move their focus and attention to the next feature. Their big mistake is treating the interview as a one-off event rather than optimizing the feature by incorporating it into their marketing strategy. They work so hard to get on the show but once the recording is finished then they’re back to the beginning to do it all over again.

As the saying goes: Work Smarter, Not Harder.

That’s why today I’m giving you 5 ways to leverage your expert guest appearances in your marketing strategy.

[1]  Promote your interview. If the show airs live, then announce details in advance so your followers can make arrangements to attend the broadcast. If the show is prerecorded, then let your audience know when it will air. Post important details across all active channels to make sure your fans don’t miss out. Once the episode airs, then share the replay link for those who might have missed the live broadcast or earlier announcements.

[2]  Tell your email list. These people subscribed to your list for a reason. They’re interested in your business and what you’re doing. Be sure to keep them in the loop with timely news and updates.

[3]  Download the interview and feature it on your website. This is a great way to establish credibility with first time viewers. Someone who comes to your website for the very first time is going to look for some form of verification that you are the expert you claim to be and can actually help them solve their problems. Featuring a few interviews from reputable podcasts can be great form of social proof that not only demonstrates your skills but starts to build trust with the viewer.

[4]  Create a video. People consume content in different ways. Some people have a preference for certain types of content or might only be active on specific social media platforms.

One way to reach more people and broaden your audience would be to take the original audio recording and create a video for viewers who prefer visual content. Incorporate slides to emphasize key talking points and important information. You can upload the full-length interview to platforms like YouTube or create shorter length videos with targeted information for channels like Instagram.

[5]  Repurpose the content. Take the information and convert it into different formats. As noted above, you can transform the audio into a video for visual learners. You can also transcribe the audio and convert it into a blog article and/or series of social media posts. Another thing you can do is extract key talking points or specific bits of information to make attractive visual posts using tools like Canva. Circulate these posts across your favorite social media channels.

Implement these five tips in your marketing strategy to leverage your expert guest appearances. Use this information to work smarter, not harder!

If you still don’t have a solid strategy to reach your audience then this is where I can help. Let’s schedule a conversation where we can discuss your business goals and design a plan together that gets results.

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