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5 Things to Know About Selling Promo to the Automotive Market

Last updated: 05/11/2021

The automotive market is looking for guidance in a new world. While virtually all businesses and markets were shaken by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the automotive...

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How to Be Successful in Promotional Products Sales

Last updated: 05/09/2021

This month, I decided to bring in a new voice to show what it takes to make it in this ever-changing industry. Crissy Manwaring, an industry veteran and expert specializing in...

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4 Ways to Reinvent Your Business

Last updated: 05/01/2021

4 Ways to Reinvent Your Business A step-by-step guide for adapting to the new normal. By John Corrigan April 28, 2021 It was over a year ago that the pandemic first pushed...

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Does Your Marketing Make Sense? — commonsku Blog

Last updated: 04/29/2021

Resources for the Promotional Products Industry Does Your Marketing Make Sense? Kelli Bernd and the whole group over at INM Marketing Group create really smart marketing, which...

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How to Use Promotional Items at Trade Shows to Reach Potential Clients

Last updated: 04/19/2021

How to Use Promotional Items at Trade Shows to Reach Potential Clients Sponsored Content Save Most businesses know that swag is the best way to reach potential clients because...

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Cracking New Markets: Promotional Products

Last updated: 04/10/2021

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS ARE SO much more than the tchotchkes you see (er, saw) on tradeshow floors. “It’s more than an item,” says Jeremy Picker. It’s about the message you’re...

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Six Strategic Steps Toward Trying New Things

Last updated: 03/27/2021

IN HIS BOOK, “Great by Choice,” author Jim Collins outlines a perfect strategy for anyone in this industry to start trying new things. Do you want to monkey around with a new...

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How Did You Get Started in Promo? / PromoJournal - Promo Biz Coach

Last updated: 03/26/2021

I’ve often been asked how I got started in promotional products sales? What attracted me to this business, what keeps me going and what factors contributed to my success?...

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How Promo Distributors Can Increase Sales With Digital Marketing Services

Last updated: 03/13/2021

Demand for digital marketing services is rising and promotional products distributors are in a unique position to capitalize on it. How? By starting to offer such services to...

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The time is right for Interactive Print

Last updated: 03/05/2021

Print can be a gatekeeper for digital content, it is engaging and cost-effective. Linking interactive printed products to the internet is easier than ever, it is time for...

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